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Laszlo Adam

Be a part of the shooting

Hey everyone! I would like to dig deep into film directing and I am stuck at the moment. I am looking for shootings where I can help with anything. I just want to be on set and learn everything I can.

My question is: is there a platform or place where I could apply for different roles on set? I am located in Hungary (here is pretty hard to get involved in such a thing) so I am absolutely open for moving abroad, anywhere. Basically I am a VFX Compositor but I would like to direct instead of sitting in front of the computer all day.

Thank you for you help!


Dan MaxXx

Who doesnt want to be a director? That's the top job on set - the boss.

Spend your own money, use your own resources and skills and make your own short movie.

Laszlo Adam

Yes, I am working on it right now and I am doing exactly what you just told me, I was just looking for some place to learn things which can help on my projects.

Nathan Mccoy

Laszlo Adam A quick way to get an education in film (even from mistakes) is to help out for a film school. Doesn't matter if you're not enrolled. Go down to a college that has a film department and ask around that you are looking to help out with film projects. Talk to students who are working toward cinematography, directing, producing, etc... and just say you'll help out in any way.

What you are basically signing up for is no sleep and hard work mixed with large swaths of waiting. PA (production assistant) is the bottom rung and you will be given menial jobs that can assist every department. If there are no schools in your general area then check the internet and search. No one turns down free labor in the indie film world.

Nathan Mccoy

Side note: Dan does make a good point. If you crew for someone else you are helping make their dream, but while you're learning the possible pitfalls of making a film, do it with their money until you feel confident to make a good film on your own with friends/family.

Laszlo Adam

Nathan Mccoy Thank you! Yes, the film school is a great idea. I will check them and ask around some projects. The no sleep + hard work part is really familiar. I started to belive that, the "VFX" is actually a synonym of overtime. So I think I know what you mean.

So I'll try to get some projects out there! Thank you!

Taylor C. Baker

Hello Laszlo Adam! I would recommend connecting with your fellow Hungarian Stage 32 members and see if they have any upcoming projects you can help with! You can search members by location at Browse >> Members >> Location. Here are some Stage 32 members in Budapest:

Laszlo Adam

Taylor C. Baker Thank you so much! I will check them out!

I really really appreciate all of your help! :)

Joanna Karselis

Some great advice here. Also, has some lower paid/experience only roles on that might be of interest.

Laszlo Adam

Joanna Karselis Thank you! Just found last night. It looks handy and I think I might get some expreience from there.

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