Filmmaking / Directing : Chosen Immortals Rebirth by Brett Comeau

Brett Comeau

Chosen Immortals Rebirth

It has been too long since I posted here,I am very excited to announce I am going to be directing the feature film, Chosen Immortals rebirth (working title) - It was written and will be starring the very talented Lacy Carmany You might know her from The Happy Caterpillars - the film will be shot in and around Harrisburg PA The film is about a clan of vampires chosen by god to protect mankind from evil. I can't wait!

Arhynn Descy

Hi Brett, Congrats! That sounds really exciting and I wish you all success with it. Do you need a composer? If so, I'd be interested.... my online demo is at and my website is Look forward to hearing more as you progress with the film...keep us updated! All the best, Arhynn

Brett Comeau

Thank you Arhynn, First off I listened to your demo really good stuff :) On this film we have a composer lined up (but that might change) and I have other projects I'm working towards so lets keep in touch.

Arhynn Descy

Thanks Brett for your lovely comment! And yes, if things change or if you need anything for any other projects, do come back to me. I'll be watching how things progress for you (if you keep us updated :) ). Please do shout if I can help in any way. Arhynn

Marysia Trembecka

Enjoy and well done for getting to this point!

Tabitha Baumander

Do you tell a director break a leg? In any case I hope everything goes great.

Rhoda Cronebach

Wow ! It sounds exciting ! I know I'm in Ohio, but, if you don't already have makeup & f/x in place I would LOVE to be a part of the project. All my info is here on stage 32, but I'd be happy to send you my resume as well. I'm also listed on IMDb.

Hans Dholakia

I have never worked in or on films but am blessed with lots of talent like writing, speaking, creative imagination of scenes, etc. especially about things abstract / spiritual. Shall we be in touch ?

Richard Trombly

break a leg. Action/Horror can be a blast... Have fun with it.

Nichole Joubert

Hey Brett that's no small feat! Congratulations!

Lowell Downey

A movie about the Occupy

Molly Marchetti

Hi Andrew, I'm the casting director for Chosen Immortals. You can send your reel and CV to If you don't have a reel, we can set up a skype audition. I'm looking forward to reviewing your work! Sincerely, Molly Marchetti

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