Filmmaking / Directing : Collaboration for the sake of filmmaking? by RJ Dale

RJ Dale

Collaboration for the sake of filmmaking?

Are there any Los Angeles Filmmakers who want to just MAKE a film? Not for the money, not for the power, not for the hope of getting discovered. How about for the love of making something, that is worthy of notice, that can tell a story, that is technically well made, and is something a group of people can stand beside proudly? Message me. Let's do this.

Jan Evans

Yes, actually. I believe the reason to make a movie is because it's a story that wants to be told, not for all those other things. If I wanted money and power, I'd be writing franchises, scary things that go bump in the night, thrillers and action. Not that there's anything wrong with money, power, and writing such things, it's just not me, not what's in my heart.

Shedrick Cortez-Stokes

Well said RJ. I wish you were in Houston, my friend.

Lauren Lindsey

I am a semi-bicoastal SAG-AFTRA filmmaker, actress, comedienne, singer and writer and I'd love to simply make a movie with you! I actually have one film that specifically pertains to Los Angeles and it is a dramatic tragedy.

Weston Mueller

I think there are a lot of filmmakers... true film lovers that are interested in that. What's really disappointing is when there is something that a filmmaker from LA can provide to make the project the best it can be.. as every film should get to be as great as possible. . And people from outside L.A. say "well this isn't HOLLYWOOD! " When its like.. great but I had a top notch editor willing to do me a favor for free and the film has no budget to edit and just because its someone in L.A. and the work isn't going to a local buddy or just random local.. and turns out as crap when it was great footage. Filmmaking has been done around the country enough now that we all need to lend a little trust and understand we are all interested in making the best film possible. . If the film is meant to be a farce or gritty on a shoestring budget or just for fun then that is all great and good too! Films should be a joy and fun even through the tense bits... othwrwise ur in the wrong biz.. But TX, NV, New Orleans and Chicago need to stop making it a war against film made in LA/the LA way or not and collab with the best they can find from anywhere. . It's always best to get a diversified critique on a proj.. Re: biz part and $ some people and the studios or investors need it done their way. If you got ur own funds more power to ya.

Royce Allen Dudley

While your observation that a tale well told should be "the goal" is likely felt by all but the most jaded, you must face the fact that people come to L.A. for the very motivations that you seek to reject. We are also in a time when filmmaking is so common as to be post-hip, and everyone casually feigns an interest until it's time to throw down some effort sans paycheck. The caliber of most passion efforts as suggested is a rough YouTube web series or-maybe FunnyOrDie sketch, maybe maybe B-horror feature that goes nowhere. In this day of potentially cost-free filmmaking, people still spend money to achieve good work. It's funny; 20 years ago, it was much easier to get a cast and crew of top tier people to work for free on a quality passion project---because there was a barrier to entry, that being film, processing and a few crew who knew lights, meters, and movie cameras. A filmmaker who could budget the $100K needed to do so could get an army of capable and willing contenders. The circles were much smaller too; who you knew got you in based on a vouch, the vouch based on known experience and reputation. Today, an unfathomable number of people all claim to be capable, all have their own gear and all snub each other if there is no pay involved and say " fine I'll just make my own movie". Potentially willing pros in every category see this and will rarely get involved themselves unless paid, because they know by the numbers the successful zero budget project does not exist, any notable exceptions proving the very rule. People who raise and pay $ get to choose who plays and tell them how to do it. That simple tenant of western behavior is why we call it Show Business and not Show Hobby. It's also why advertisers always claim to be a new production "company" ... who have no money. No $, no company. Reality check. That said, if you can find the people required in your existing phone list, such a thing is possible. It's why truly developed relationships matter and why as a producer the only piece of equipment I need to own is a well stocked smart phone.

Laurie Ashbourne

I don't think there is any doubt this network is full of people that want to make films for the sake of the craft vs. the commercial. As Royce stated, it still costs money. Particularly in LA where it is very hard to get away with a guerrilla style shoot without the permit hassles and expense of insurance that goes along with it. That understood -- it can be done, someone just has to have the vision and organizational skills to start the collaboration. It all starts with a story but if there is a location that will lend itself to a low-budget guerrilla style shoot then a call for a story that can be written that centers around this location, is the first step. That portion of the collaboration can be done and contributed to from anywhere. Once the story/location is set -- I am sure a crew and cast can be compiled from this site. Post production can also be done from anywhere. That's all it takes... ;)

RJ Dale

Look I get that money is needed and where money is involved business follows. I also get that people who do ANY other art form practice it before they are expected to ask for money. I have worked for years in the industry, and I still want practice. I am not asking for money, or free anything. I am looking for folks who want to get together to hone skills. AS A producer I bring Locations, Clothing Weapons, Stunt Players, and Historical Assets. I like working on set as much as I like sculpting, making medieval armor, drawing, and creating weird art. I am want to do more artsy stuff, that is about the bottom line for the sake of doing it. It does NOT mean I do not understand this is a business. I produce things for money, I just also want to produce things for art. If you are interested and want to do something like that, message me, and we can talk if not, do your own thing. Enough people come together, and we can make a stone soup.

RJ Dale

And... Making a movie for it's own sake is just that. To create content that one learns form. coming form the indy world where any guy can grab a camera and claim to be a DP has taught me something. There are people who see film as a get rich quick business, and then there are people who enjoy that it can be more. There are various graduations in the spectrum, but I am not worried about the making of money, but content. As a producer, if I can objectively say that what is made has a level of quality, then I would turn it to my network for additional viewings. There is nothing wrong with creating something for friends and loved ones, for the sake of creation, nor for purpose of honing a craft. Film is the only artform where people (who do not know better) think that a few years of school and a couple practice pieces make them sound at their craft. I do not sell everything I make, and I am okay with that, sometimes I make art for the sake of having created. There is nothing wrong with that.

Doug Nelson

RJ Why only in L.A.?

Chris Herden

'Stone Soup' is a good title...

Paul J.J. Pastore

I just want to make a good graphic horror film.

Franz Salvatierra

Sent you a request. Shoot me a script, looking for productions for next year. Only interested in dramas as a cinematographer but always up to help out in other roles in other types of work.

David Timber

I like your desire to make visual narratives for the passion of the craft and art. Unfortunately I'm presently a New York based filmmaker, but I do frequent California a. I would be open to collaborating if that is possible.

Doug Nelson

RJ – Now let’s face it. There are lots of film types throughout the L.A. basin; the vast majority of them moved there with the intent of earning a living (achieving greatness) in the film industry. Most dream of the old Hollywood era not realizing that ever growing economics has quashed the glory days of yesteryear. No; if you are looking for active and creative filmmakers who thrive on making truly fine films that they are proud of, you need to look outside the L.A. basin. There still are a few of us out here who understand what makes a compelling story and that strive for excellence in production and have the economic wherewithal to support it. But you do need to filter through an awful lot of chaff to find the few good grains. Happy hunting.

David Timber

LA is infected with mercenaries, predators, and foolish naive and gullible types. Young people especially, want to be rich and famous just because of the lure and indulgent ego that blinds them from what true passion for dramatic arts and cinema. Van Gogh lived for his art without reward from the outside world. What actor or Hollywood filmmaker would consider such devotion today? The filmmakers of France, Germany and Italy as well as others never knew what financial rewards or adulation awaited them. In the beginning of their careers they were scorned and rejected. Always seek allies in your goals and keep them pure .

Paul J.J. Pastore

How about this coming Wednesday (3/25) at abot 7:30?

Debbie Croysdale

I appreciate the ideas of this thread, although collaboration won't be on the cards, cos I'm in London. Good luck.

Debbie Croysdale

I'll be back! (Dang, don't know how to do a smiley) if this thread gets back in full swing, but just noticed the guy who asked the original question hasn't been on 5 months.

Debbie Croysdale

Hi, thanks for offer. Maybe in the future, ( tied to other stuff now.) I will start a new thread later on in the year to kickstart a group.

Mike Leins

I'm always in search of an opportunity to write for a team of film makers. Screenwriting is my biggest strength, and I'm always up for helping out on set in LA, but it's tough to find anyone who wants to actually make a film . Most people out here just want to talk about it. If you need a comedy writer for a project, I'm available.

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