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Collaboration opportunity

Hello everyone. Oxford-based screenwriter/producer here. I'm working on a short drama/supernatural film project. I've written a preliminary screenplay, and am now looking for a director to partner with. The screenplay tells the story of a professional runner who spirals downhill after her husband suffers a fatal heart attack during a race. She must let her husband go in order for him to move on to the afterlife. However, this is easier said than done. 

I attach the script, a treatment and a provisional budget. If this sounds like an opportunity you might be interested in, let me know at 

Karen "Kay" Ross

Not that I'm going to hop the pond to direct, but just curious - how many days have you scheduled for this shoot? With 17 pages, I think at least 3, depending on how much you see.

Part of the reason I bring it up is that you've built a budget with flat rates, but without a day count, you can't confirm if that price covers a 1-day rental or a 3-day rental. And of course, your talent will want to know if they are being paid 192 for one day or 5 days.

Elie de Rosen

You make a good point. I've adjusted the budget to reflect a 3 day-shoot.

Julia Warren

Hi Elie, have you decided on a location for filming yet? Will it be in Oxford?

Elie de Rosen

Hi Julia. Yes, the filming will take place in Oxford, unless my partner cannot film in their home town (and that town is reasonably close to Oxford).

Dan MaxXx

I skimmed the script and there is no way you can shoot in 3 days. Not with exterior marathon/running scenes.

Elie de Rosen

Well, the running scene doesn't last long - perhaps 2 minutes - and is a relatively small affair. I don't intend to bring in more than 15 or so bystanders.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Dan makes a good point - screen time does not determine how long it takes to shoot, but any added elements will take you longer. 15 extras - do you have an extras wrangler? Will there be a dedicated Costumes person to help everyone pick out their outfit and confirm no one is wearing logos? Is your 1st AD prepared to direct them so that your director can focus on your main talent?

You'll also have to feel all of them, even if you're not paying them. And you may want to consider giving people a gas stipend even if they are not paid because otherwise they may be payING to be on set.

And since you have so many people for the shot, blocking the shot will take longer. The real question is - how many shots do you have and how long are each of the takes? If it's 1-3 shots, coverage from the same angle, then yeah, you should be able to knock it out fairly quickly. But if you need an establishing shot, three shots in one direction (WS,MS, CU), three shots for the "reverse shot" in the other direction plus a martini shot (i.e. full scene coverage) and/OR you have a more complicated shot (tracking, steadicam, one-er), then it will take you even longer to get the shot(s) and get them right.

Definitely look at your shot list and confer with your DP before you settle on 3 days.

Karen "Kay" Ross

*FEED all of them LOL

Elie de Rosen

I've actually taken Dan's advice to heart and discarded the marathon angle. It'll mean a simpler shoot - and more food for the main actors.

Xahid Khan

Just went through your screenplay. It's quite impossible to shoot it in 3 days. I am saying this from my experience. Running scene with extras outdoor which will require proper rehearsal and co-ordination with extras and the crew members even if you try to shoot this scene in one day in proper cinematic way. Otherwise it will not be sync. The whole scenarios of the film is based on this scene. You can't compromise here in this scene. As per my suggestion your preliminary screenplay is good but it needs more draft. Anyway best wishes Elie.

Xahid Khan

Even if the screentime of marathon is two minutes with 15 by standard it will take lots of sweat bro. The first problem you will get on editing desk with continuity of movements and positions of characters I mean by standards and racers. This scene require multi angle , multiple shot design to create the impact you want or visualising. If everything goes alright please do several rehearsal session on actual locations with extras and teams. Talk to DOP to trick some shot to avoid continuity problems.

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