Filmmaking / Directing : Directing and starring dilemma by Juliana Acosta

Directing and starring dilemma

I am an actress and I have written my very first short. I wrote the lead character with myself in mind. However, I am also considering directing it. (It would be my first time directing.) I don't think I can hand it over to someone else. When I first began writing it, I was comfortable with someone else directing. Now that I have completed it., I feel it's MY baby. I should direct it. Would I be taking on too much if I choose to star AND direct my very first short? Please advice! Thank you all.

D Marcus

Do it. Yes, you will be taking on a lot. Yes, you might be taking on too much. You know what? It might be terrible. And you will learn and grow as an artist. You might turn out to be a fine director. I can't quite figure out why you wouldn't give it a try.

John Garrett

From what I have gone through, I would suggest you direct a short or two before this one. If you really want this to be all you envision, don't learn on it. Do some shorts prior, because there is so very much that goes on when you are shooting that you really cannot grasp what it takes until you have been through it.

Michael Brueggemeyer

In my experience, actors who direct themselves are unable to objectively edit the performance. If you Direct, hand it off to someone else in the edit, and keep your mouth shut. Yes, you know the story, but you have to rely on others when your objectivity goes out the window. A Director is often called on to 'kill their babies', and actors are not really know for being able to do that.

Jorge J Prieto

I, agree with, John. Now if you are able to put together a good crew and an A.D. who shares your vision for the story and other professionals in film making that you can trust, go for it!

Eric Gilmartin

I think you should go for it, Juliana! Get an excellent D.P. and A.D. to be your "eyes" when you're doing your performing scenes. I agree with Michael, about the need for an objective editor. Actors direct themselves a lot, both on screen and on the stage, so it's not impossible, just harder than doing either job alone would be. Get out there, and get it done!

W. Keith Sewell

What's the budget you're working with? Will it allow you to hire an A.D. or L.P.? I'm also producing and directing a TV project 1st time, and I'm finding that you will need the help and collaboration of others, skilled in their positions, to ease some of the stress of "doing it all". "But jump right in Juliana! The water's cold but you'll get use to it."

JD Hartman

Is a Directors credit what you are after or are you trying to create content for your actors reel? A smart move would be to choose which is more important to you and let the other task go to a better better suited and more experienced person. Do you want to be in front of or behind the lens? That's an issue I see a lot of here on Stage32. Jack of all trades, master of none.

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