Filmmaking / Directing : Director looking for Screenplay! by Hugo Keijzer

Director looking for Screenplay!

CURRENTLY LOOKING TO COLLABORATE WITH TALENTED SCREENWRITERS! Send me your dark, gritty, raw screenplays, preferablly for low budget full length feature production at: My Showreel:

Shira Levin

hello hugo, you are my first message and invite. not sure how you found my listing. i probably write the type of scripts you have NO interest in, however. mostly character driven with romantic elements (dramadey)...your film looks interesting. shira

Stephen Richard Melling

Nice reel!

Tony Wilson if you have any intrest in this contact me,believe me this can be done with a limited low budget

Darryl Mast

Slow Motion changes everything to more powerful

Lena Galkina

just wow..

Linda Meyer

That was great! Nice job.

Alexis Raven Jeter

I am doing some screen writing now. I am just learning. I am a writer but I can extend my reach beyond essays, poems, and books. I would love to collaborate with you. I can only send you my novel. It is a dark novel...morose, melancholy, darkness, despair, devastating, opaque. It is a perfect type would have to be full length since there is so much to reveal within 2 hours of the movie. it may have to be in two parts... :O

Alexis Raven Jeter

By the way, I live in Boiling Springs. You are the 1st Boiling Springser I had met here. Pleased to meet you.

Karen Keslen

Great work, Mr. Keijzer!

Abraham Nissan

Hi Hugo, I believe the right screenplay for you, I'll send it to your email. But if you want something more commercial, check my stage32 my projects link.

Abraham Nissan

Sent you my script "Rushes". You''ll love it!

Russ Johnson

Like the reel. Good work.

Jackie Letkowski

Very nice work!

Claire Robertson

Define "low budget", please. Thank you.

Greg Karpinski

Hi Hugo, I have a screenplay about human trafficking taking place in London. It's a character driven drama about immigration, forced prostitution and family ties. I'm currently on a second draft but if you're interested I'd be happy to hear your thoughts on it.

Tek Doko

what genre and what kind of compensation are you offering? Also, what is your maximum budget range?

Michael David Lies

Hugo, Be sure to visit our website: to read about our two provocative feature screenplays, BLOOD SPEAR & THE SPIRAL PATH. You are welcome to request both or either of these original scripts through contact information on our website. All my best, Michael

Tabitha Baumander

just to clarify what you are looking for do you have no interest in genre like occult, horror or sci fi?

Amit Kumar Vashisth

Hi Hugo....terrific REEL ... amazing work, superb...shows your command over your craft .. :) . Please do have a look at my profile, in case you might have something for someone just like me, an actor from India .. :)...World runs on hope :).. Best Wishes to you master craftsman :) .

Ernestho Ravelo

All Departments Done Exlent Job...Camera Work nd Lighting Is Awesome ...

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