Filmmaking / Directing : Elf on a shelf horror film by Kasie Elis

Kasie Elis

Elf on a shelf horror film

Does anyone else think that "Elf On A Shelf" is creepy, like I do? It should be made into a horror film... It moves when you're not looking, stops and stays still when you're looking at it. #shudders

David Shute

Mensch on a Bench watching the kid's back?

Kasie Elis

That's a GREAT play on words... TOTALLY A CREEPY IMAGE IN MY BRAIN! Shudders Definitely Horror Film Material!!

Rafael Pinero

Kind of like the film The Boy?

Matt Ritchey
Tivoli Silas

Yes! This needs to happen!

Kyle Climans

Reminds me a bit of the Weeping Angels in "Doctor Who". But yeah, a creepier aspect of the Elf on the Shelf is that it's conditioning kids to accepting constant surveillance. But that might be too obvious for a horror/thriller.

Desiree Middleton

Do it.

Kasie Elis

But it could have a twist, Kyle. It could be that whomever the Elf kills, transforms, deforms and conforms into ANOTHER Elf on the shelf... Like a ZOMBIE virus or something. LOL! I mean look at "Sharknado", the crazier the idea (and sometimes seemingly cheesy) can be a HUGE hit.

Kyle Climans

Good point, Kasie. And if you can make it work, then kudos to you!

Kasie Elis

OK, so I bought an Elf on the Shelf for a friend of mine as a gag gift, because he cannot stand them. And, now that I have seen them up close and personal, I have decided they're the spawn of satan.

Adam Taylor

The Simpson already combined Elf on the Shelf with "Annabelle".

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