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Giselle Marie

Female Filmmakers - Mind boggling statistics

Since it's OSCAR weekend, we thought we'd post something about it you might like to read. CAUTION: It's about Women in Film {the lack of}. Let the rant begin!

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Everything I have ever written has a strong FEMALE protagonist. I don't write "girlfriend roles" nor sidekick parts. Why don't a few female directors get together with a few "power" actresses to try to create a new network to rival the "Old Boys Network"? Be the change you want to see in the world.

James Bradley

As a major film festival director with 6 film festivals around the world shown throughout the year i can honestly say that when it comes to programming the gender is irrelevant. One of our filmmakers was asked this question at a Q&A last year where her reply was something to this effect "Artists find it hard full stop to break in anywhere. I have never in my career found my being a women as a stumbling block in getting me out of bed and behind a camera. I believe that in such an unbelievably competitive industry it takes a certain attitude to get on with it. This is a characteristic I have observed more in men than women. I'm a woman and i have it, but i meet more women with excuses than I do guys. There really isn't at the base level a problem with gender inequality - thats my view."

Susan I. Weinstein

It is old news. Smart women in charge seem to be scary on some subliminal level, so without even knowing it's a problem, women are stymied. It is better now. Decades ago. I was in anonymous workshop at the Public Theater and submitted a "boy topic" play with language about cars & sex. Playwright in charge selected it for finalist and assume it came from a guy, When I was identified, he "liked" me so much, I ended up leaving the project. Would not happen today.

John Timmons

Giselle, I liked the article. I left a comment on the website. It was meant to be constructive. I hope it was taken as such. You have my total support. I was just a little disenchanted that the tone, especially in the opening paragraphs, seemed so apologetic. Even in your own intro above your CAUTIONary warning can be construed as an apology. I understand the tendency to do that. I fight against it everyday in my own personality and our politically correct climate these days seems to demand that we never "ruffle any feathers" for fear of the instant consequences and recriminations and criticism. Don't flinch!!!! Rock On!!!

Lauran Childs

Good point! The lack of women in film is quite amazing. I've just written a script with a female lead - it's about a female contract killer in Miami called 'Killer Eyes'. You can contribute to me directing it at or contact me at I'm happy to send you a script.

Susan I. Weinstein

Have no money to contribute. You want a reaction to the script, send on.

Giselle Marie

John! Not to worry! We love the comments coming in! J.D and I have been discussing topics and we are still trying to find a voice for the site. We have a small but dedicated reader base but we want to grow! we are grateful that we are getting such great discussion points in the comments section! Thanks again!

Dougie Brimson

An interesting read but I have to say, not all women directors help themselves, or their gender. For example, having worked with Lexi Alexander on Green Street, it's safe to say that in my experience of her, I suspect one of the main reasons she isn't employed more than one would expect is because she's an absolute nightmare to work with. Yes, I know being difficult isn't unique to women, but given that she's currently the flag bearer for this debate, it's important to accept that gender isn't always the major obstacle faced by directors when they apply for jobs. Sometimes, it has much more to do with an individuals reputation. However much they or anyone else might like to think otherwise.

Giselle Marie

James, that quote was very interesting and I agree that at the base level gender inequality isn't a problem because at that level it's the artists choices to get out of bed and do what they love. However, going past the base level is where the issues with gender tend to show up. Most female filmmakers that I know personally had to completly self-produce when they were denied representation and support from those "higher up". Of course there are exceptions! Beautiful mutations are happening that I hope get copied until it's the norm.

Dara Taylor

This has been quite the topic of contention in the composing community as well since according to an article published late last year, female composers wrote the music for just 2% of the top 250 grossing films in 2013. We can only help that the awareness will help promote change, both in the industry and in the education system (fostering big goals and creativity in the younger generations).

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