Filmmaking / Directing : Film Grants 2016 by Clare McGlinchey

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Clare McGlinchey

Film Grants 2016

Film Grants Directory
Film Grants Directory
FilmDaily provides you with a comprehensive list of the top film funding grants for filmmakers anywhere in the world. Choose which film grant best suits your independent film and then apply for film f…
Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Awesome share Clare!!

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

You are an angel. Every time. I mean every time. You are one of my most go to people I can count on for ANY information that will help be become a PAID working screenwriter. So glad you are here on Stage 32. If you were in New York. Any Tickets you want from my Day Gig at Carnegie Hall you got em. Keep it coming Clare. This Boy from Brooklyn will make it to Hollywood yet.(With a Big Help from you.)

Vladislav Nikitin

Thank you for sharing this

Timothy Dee

I joined Stage 32 just this second. This is the first posting I saw. If I could have chosen any post on the whole site to read first, this would have been it. Serendipity? We'll see. Wonderful resource. Thank you for so generously sharing it.

Lisa Boffo

Thanks for sharing!

Melissa Tracht

More great info on Grants - 1000 Ways to Finance Your Movie (including Grants) and and

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

@Melissa Tracht - This is a great link for all us independent film makers. This is what makes Stage 32 such a great community. We share with each other our experience, strength and hope so that each and every one of us 500,000 members WORLDWIDE can have our own "SUCCESS STORY" Very Cool!!!

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