Filmmaking / Directing : Filmmakers on filmmakers: payne and russell by Amanda Toney

Amanda Toney

Filmmakers on filmmakers: payne and russell

my two favorite filmmakers just talking about film. this is how i want all of my fridays to start off.

Erik Grossman

This is great!!

Amanda Toney


Stage 32 Staff - Julie

One of our Stage 32ers is the original author of SIDEWAYS, and we had him write a 6 part blog for us where he talks about what it was like when Payne got involved: Intro -, Part I-, Part 2 -, Part 3 -, Part 4 -, Part 5 -, Part 6 -, Conclusion -

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Also want to share another Stage 32er who helped launch David O. Russell's career on SPANKING THE MONKEY, here's a blog from him:

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