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Kimmie Easley

Filmmaking Crew

Hi all, I've started the beginning stages of my first short film. I'm in the process of looking for a production crew in my area, East Texas. Any direction or advice would be great appreciated. I'm also looking for sites on a production budget range. I understand it can't be specific. Thanks in advance, Kimmie

Aray Brown

You should try making a post in the JOBS section, also see if there are some networking opportunities offline, like a film school or theater group?

Christopher Birk

It all depends on what your budget is / if you even have a budget. Don't think too big if you're looking for money and haven't done much yet. Think more about attracting some people with your story and get it done with limited means. That'll carry you on to the next, bigger and more ambitious projects.

Shawn Speake

Sounds like it's time for a S32 MeetUp!

Kimmie Easley

All great feedback, thank you. I'm looking over the job section now. Shawn, I'm not seeing any meetups anywhere near my area. How does that work?

JD Hartman

Meetups has it's own tab, like "Lounge" Having a meetup will only work if there are enough S32 members in your area. How can that be found out? Typing Texas in the search box retrieves results of dubious value. Two names and one of them isn't yours Kimmie. I second Aray's idea, look to film schools, maybe post on Craigslist, etc.

London Moquin

there are 2 ways to find film crew is look at meetup app and there should be other on there as well.

Beth Fox Heisinger

Hi Kimmie. Perhaps utilize the "Connect" feature found in the upper menu bar and search our membership by location/occupation. I hope that helps. Best to you, and best of luck on your project! :)

Shawn Speake

Here's what I'm seeing in Denver: the more actors/locations in your project, the greater it's chance of failure. Scheduling becomes too crazy to keep momentum, and the project dies after cancelled shoots, etc. In our upcoming short HOLLYWOOD ENDING, we have a total of 5 characters and 3 locations for a 30 min Pilot/Short.

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