Filmmaking / Directing : Filmmaking or Art Making? by Enrique Gomez Leñero

Enrique Gomez Leñero

Filmmaking or Art Making?

I believe that all people that are involved in this industry must be called an artist. When we produce films, we dont just create things by random choice, we express ourselfs, our toughts, our ideas and our wildest dreams. Every work that is created with passion will become art and by becoming a piece of art it will become inmortal.

Juan Abad

I believe filmmaking is art. As you stated, it's a form of expression. The director conveys (or tries to) a message he/she wants to say to the audience. And all of the elements that go into a film is truly artistic. That being said, it's also a business. And some directors, producers, etc, see filmmaking more of a business than art. And there's nothing wrong with that. It just depends on who you ask.

Craig D Griffiths

Filmmaking has to be a business because the production of the art is not free. Even in the old world Mozart had a patron. Being the patron of Mozart had value, a social status. Art and business have always been linked. As artists it is hard to accept.

Enrique Gomez Leñero

I totally agree. We must find a way to make our art business so that we can perform it on a daily basis and make a living out of it.

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