Filmmaking / Directing : I can't believe it's not butter, by Paris Holmes

Paris Holmes

I can't believe it's not butter,

Sometimes people think I'm using any camera but a Canon 5d Mark II when I show them clips of some things I've done. It just goes to show that film lighting is much more important.These are clips I have not color corrected and yet, the quality is always good when I manipulating light. I still do want to get another camera because I'm interested in having a camera that has built in ND Filters, slow motion, audio, etc but my Canon 5d Mark II is still amazing. I don't get obsessed over new cameras anymore because I've seen films on the big screen shot on Canon 5d Mark II and they look wonderful, films like Hard Boiled Sweets. I'm investing into getting a few lights and grip.

Paris Holmes

I don't care about 4k, 5k any K. The 5D Mark II is amazing with ordinary L series lenses. The Canon 5d Mark II is a beast with Proper lighting and proper use of the right lenses. I won't be purchasing a Canon C100 or C300, I want to buy one camera that has good quality as well, something I can use for a long time. I'm just waiting for them to come out with a camera I find worth it. I already know new cameras will keep coming out but Im smart enough not to fall for that crap, once a camera has good good good quality, ND Filters, Slow Motion, Audio, external battery, able to interchange lenses. That will be the one I'll get.

Andrew Sobkovich

Lighting and lenses are components of the image, and of course, better lighting and better lenses make better images. This is pretty much true on any camera. Increased camera imaging quality does the same, it makes pictures better. There is a huge quality difference in moving images created with real 4K resolution motion picture camera and what a still camera that shoots video as an afterthought can reproduce.

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