Filmmaking / Directing : If you had to give TWO pieces of advice ONLY to someone who is interested in making films, what would they be? by Edwin Adrian Nieves

If you had to give TWO pieces of advice ONLY to someone who is interested in making films, what would they be?

Receiving this question not too long ago, two responses naturally came to my mind. How would you answer?

Great question. These are two pieces of advice that naturally came to mind... The first is to learn and become aware of editing. Knowledge of editing is a strong asset since it allows you to more smoo…
James Durward
  1. It's all about the story; and 2. the delivery of the story (acting/directing)
Andre Hunt

Find out if anyone you work with is on medication,.

Andre Hunt

Minimize location shots in commercial establishments.

Vincent Lowe

Just this: Watch a lot of movies! Make a lot of movies! That is all.

Ken Belsky

Always strive for the most, expect the worst.

Robert Leslie Fallin

1) Forget college, use the money to buy some equipment, finds some talent and just do it. 2) Never give up, even if you find something else to do while you continue your efforts.

Jan Naft

Do and create...

Dave McCrea
  1. It's a team sport. It's basketball not golf. No matter how talented you are, you ain't that special until you're paired up with at least one or two other great actors/directors/writers/producers. Even geniuses have real limitations. Scorsese doesn't write his own scripts neither does David Fincher. Tarantino is an outlier among outliers, he's a movie savant, a guy who's seen 5 times as many movies as anyone else. Just about everyone else in Hollywood is very much dependent on another talented person or two or three to have any hope of success.
    2. So because it's a team sport, figure out what you do well and do that. Are you a good 3-point shooter? THEN JUST DO THAT. Don't waste time trying to be a low-post player and a floor general and a slasher. If you suck at dialogue, you will probably always suck at dialogue, so get a co-writer to work with or let the actors have freedom to reimagine the dialogue. If you're not visual, don't try to be more visual, team up with a talented DP - recognize your strengths and be honest about your weaknesses - this way you will vastly improve your odds of making a good product and enjoy the process more
Dave McCrea

Vincent's advice is good too!

M L.

Hire a career 1st A.D. and listen to them., Raise a budget big enough for what you want to do and cast name actors

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