Introduce Yourself : Introducing Myself by Zivan Holloway Jr.

Zivan Holloway Jr.

Introducing Myself

Hello everyone! I am very excited and happy to be a part of Stage 32! Currently right now I am the director, writer, and producer of a TV show called E.W.C. It is in pre-production right now. If interested you can check it out here: I look forward to receiving my next acting role and other crew work in the entertainment industry. Support my journey here: Visit my website: Thank you!

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Hey Zivan, this is Julie from the Stage 32 team. I just wanted to let you know I moved your post from Filmmaking / Directing to Introduce Yourself, as it fits much better there. Let me know if you have any questions, and all the best to you!


Welcome to Stage 32, Zivan!

Cyrus Dana

Welcome aboard Zivan. Once again stage32 proved to be the right place for the good people like you. I hope we will be in touch.

Charlie James

Welcome aboard the Stage 32 Bandwagon! ;D

Zivan Holloway Jr.

Hello. Thanks guys! I am happy to be a part of it. :)

Gary Alexis

Nice work on your websites.

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