Filmmaking / Directing : Is Hollywood Becoming Insignificant? by Al Gomez

Al Gomez

Is Hollywood Becoming Insignificant?

It appears the city of Los Angeles, and the state of California, have pretty much abandoned the idea of doing anything about promoting production in Hollywood. With that being said, is the movie business going the way of the aerospace industry in So. Cal? Technology has made it easier for movies to be made anywhere in the U.S., the world for that matter. So, is Hollywood soon to become an acronym for the business, or will it continue to be a mainstay location for "where dreams are made"?

L.A. 2020 Commission's silence on Hollywood jobs 'surprising'
L.A. 2020 Commission's silence on Hollywood jobs 'surprising'
A new report on spurring job growth in Los Angeles covers the bases, but leaves Hollywood out of the picture. The Los Angeles 2020 Commission report, titled "A Time for Action," was commissioned last…
Danny Alegi

Something is preventing traditional studios from embracing new "small movie" production standards. Mmm… what could it be Watson? Risk-aversion? Old models? Expensive above-the-line entourages to entertain? Action hero/Marvel Mega movies can be awesome for box office, sometimes, sure. And the VFX pipelines love the volume. But a movie industry could be about more than asses in seats and teenage ticklers. It appears to me that Www companies who saw opportunities knock and took chances to self-produce and distribute small stuff are starting to see on-demand audience rising, A-talent attach, and loyal, and growing mobile, audiences. Just a thought...

Don Bledsoe

I wanted to know if low-budget movies do as well as big studio films. How profitable are they? I did a 13-year study of movies made between 2000-2013 with production cost, domestic gross and worldwide gross. I then calculated every movie's return on investment at the box office, further broke them down into budget groups (<$1M, $1-3M, etc) and calulated the average costs and returns within the group. This took several days to compile and I'd be happy to send you the results via email.

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