Filmmaking / Directing : It's a wrap - by Stephen Folker

Stephen Folker

It's a wrap -

Another great project in the can.  Writer + co-producer in California.  Filmed in Iowa.  Actors from Chicago and Texas!

Now to edit!  

David Kleve

Excellent to hear. Good luck!

Michelle Dionne Wardlaw

Woo hoo! Congratulations! Is this a movie or tv show?

Maurice Vaughan

Congratulations on wrapping your project, Stephen Folker!!!

Stephen Folker

Thanks Michelle Dionne Wardlaw - it's a 30 minute short film geared for festivals.

Dan MaxXx

Sweet!!!!! You did it!

Billy Kwack

Hi Stephen, would love to see it in the future

Amanda Toney

Yes!!! Love this for you Stephen, congrats!

Maurice Vaughan

Hope it does great in the festivals, Stephen Folker! Looking forward to seeing it when it's done on the circuit.

Stephen Folker

We'll see what my producing partner wants to do with it.

Nathan Woodward

Let me know if you need a colorist :-)

Stephen Folker

Nathan Woodward I'll keep that in mind! Send me over examples of your work before / after and if something lines up we can chat! :)

Lisa Lee

Congratulations, Stephen!!

David Abrookin

Very cool, Stephen Folker! Good luck with the edit!

Mark Deuce

Congratulations!!! Stephen Folker

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