Filmmaking / Directing : Little fun gotcha question for filmmakers. by Peter Roach

Peter Roach

Little fun gotcha question for filmmakers.

Watching a Korean vampire series set in then Joseon dynasty, one of the bad guys put his foot up on the table. You can clearly see his black Timberland boots. In another scene the protagonist slides his bad ass swordsman spin and slide and you can tell he bought expensive dress boots at the Designer Club in Jung-gu.

As a filmmaker with budget that screams at you, do you shoot these scenes over or leave them as is and hope the fans call it trivia?

Simon Turnbull

Quick and dirty production design, No budget for reshoots. If the creators don't care why bother?

Peter Roach

I could see the Producers face "what, $60,000 for a shoe?" NO!

Scott Sands

Red Apple cigarettes!

JD Hartman

No money for wardrobe person or they thought, "We can do this...", and it shows.

Debbie Croysdale

Yeah JD IS right. If you cannot afford wardrobe people ....look the era up yourself on google and even go jumble sale for gear...there is no excuse for shit wardrobe. Its not rocket science and it need not cost much.

Marleen Irani

Which series is this? I would leave it in for some online buzz lol.

DC Harrison

Is it The Scholar Who Walks The Night?

On another note, K-dramas are turned out a dime a dozen and are so popular that I would imagine no one cares about discrepancies, short of having jet aircraft or cell phones 200+ years ago lol

Peter Roach

Yep, it was The Scholar Who Walks The Night. K-dramas are not quite at the Run Run Shaw production assembly lines. Shaw was pumping out a movie a day.

But I can hear a producer crying " You wanna re-shoot for a shoe?"

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