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Vivian Gould


Does anyone know of a wildlife field that is quiet and secluded in LA where I could film?

Aalijah Amaro

I've been looking for similar locations but can't seem to find one. Anything I've come across is quite a distance out from LA. I usually use google earth/maps and that helps with location scouting too.

Good luck on finding a location.

Vivian Gould

Haha, the struggle. Well thank you for the advice! I will let you know if I find something :)

Philip Sedgwick

For a short film we used:

Very cooperative location and affordable. Not far away at all.

It was insanely windy when we filmed out there.

Dan MaxXx

Keep in mind of travel time and expenses.

Gas, bathrooms, generators, shelter, safety - that is on you to provide for cast & crew.

Vivian Gould

Luckily, it's just me. I just need a couple establishing shots so no cast of crew need for this one.

Dan MaxXx

might be easier to go to a stock library and buy establishing shots.

Erik A. Jacobson

Are you looking specifically for wildlife? Or simply a field where wildlife might/might not be present, such as a field of flowers? If the latter, there are many such fields around LA. I've owned two poster companies specializing in nature and romantic scene/nature posters (sold both nationwide and overseas) and have never had a problem finding such fields. But most people don't have the creative eye to recognize such fields when they see them or understand that they'll get best results in early morning or late afternoon. A few tips:

- Check out Griffith Park.

- There's a beautiful, vest-pocket park hidden several blocks directly North of the DGA on Sunset.

- Malibu has lots of great locations. Take Malibu Canyon Rd inland from PCH, turning off occasionally to explore back roads and the surrounding countryside.

- Take Hwy 14 towards Lancaster. In spring/late spring the fields are ablaze with flowers.

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