Filmmaking / Directing : Location by Louis Tété

Louis Tété


Hi Industry fellas,

Do you know any affordable basement without any windows to rent in LA for a horror/survival please? 

Thank you all. 

Erik A. Jacobson

Check out

Louis Tété

I did Erik but i did not find what i want. Thanks however

Beau McCombs

I know a great location for a horror film! We shot our horror short "Litterally a Saw Parody"( here:

The host, Nenci, is awesome!

JD Hartman

No windows? How will viewers know it's a basement and not just some interior room in an industrial building?

Pamela Bolinder

JD: Industrial buildings have high ceilings. Oh, come to think of it, with your expertise, you could make an industrial place look like a basement, right?

Doug Nelson

Pam - sure you could build a basement set in a cavernous building. The basement set , the kitchen, living room and other locations for Last Man Standing are on a 200K sf soundstage. I doubt that's what the OP has in mind - her keyword is 'affordable'

JD Hartman

Many older industrial/light commercial building have low ceilings. Below ground space is only good for storage, the boiler and busted up stuff left from previous tenants. Instant set dressing! Lots of power available as the utility service entrance and panels are usually right there.

Erik A. Jacobson

Ideally, you should be able to see stairs somewhere in the basement, the older and creakier the better.

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