Filmmaking / Directing : My Goals and Dreams by Jack Fleming

Jack Fleming

My Goals and Dreams

Hello everyone, My name is Jack Fleming and I am an 18 year old photographer and filmmaker. I own my business, Jack Fleming Films. I wanted to just state my goals and dreams as a filmmaker. So, I am a senior in high school right now. I have applied to major schools like University of Southern California and their School for Cinematic Arts, as well as Florida State and their Media Arts School and many schools in my home-state of North Carolina. I am right now looking for jobs in the industry. Whether it be an internship or paid position I dont care I just want to gain more experience and learn. Can anyone offer any help on where to look? My dreams are after college to continue to run my own video and photo production company. Thanks everyone!

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Jack - have you tried looking for jobs in our JOBS section here on Stage 32? Also, I would recommend Barefoot Student for internships.

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