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Marcelo Grion

My film

The Prototype - IMDb
The Prototype - IMDb
The Prototype: Directed by Marcelo Grion. With Victoria De Mare, Theresa Tilly, Jamie Noel, Ken Belsky. A government agent stumbles upon an alien conspiracy to conquer Earth. Using a blue liquid creat…
Elisabeth Charbonneau

Hi Marcelo, Thanks for your connection invite. I watched your showreel. Very impressive!

Melanie Collup

Wow! This trailer looks great. I would love to hear about your journey... how did this become a reality?

William Joseph Hill

I just saw the trailer -- your film looks amazing. Congratulations!

OriGiNaLsNoB Rose

In my favorite genres, can't wait to check it out. Best Wishes

Marcelo Grion

Thank you very much!

Marcelo Grion

working 2 jobs as a waiter and going through hell to get it done, still in post...

Julian Nabunya

good stuff Marcelo , i liked your sound , good location , surely am watching your trailer again .

Veronica Lester

I just seen the trailer too. The film is differently interesting and I will be looking forward to seeing the movie.

Marcelo Grion

Thank you very much!!!

Mike Chinea

Excellent!! Save me an aisle seat.

Marcelo Grion

Thank you !!!!!

Diana Levin

I watched the trailer, would like to see the movie in order to better form an opinion about the concept.

Julian Nabunya

@ Diana yes , it must have been another sci-fi we are about to watch in world cinema , when i listened to dialogue , it sounded religious ,"Pope 's orders and Jeremiah's ministry " , but if you look at nature of characters and story tag , its seems to be political movie . now am wondering which Government is the prototype giving hard time ? but in any way , i still need to see more of this . @ Marcelo your sound , visual effects and nature of characters was wow for me . good luck for post production . i want to see this in cinema . Julian

Junichi Kajioka

Great, Marcelo!

Marcelo Grion

topics: religion, aliens, death and the future

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