Filmmaking / Directing : Need some film making audio advice.... by Nicholas Marocola

Nicholas Marocola

Need some film making audio advice....

Hello everyone here.... I am a film maker in NY (somewhat intermediate) and need some help with something that I found on set of one of the shows I am on. All over the set I see several people wearing headphones... Not the ones for communication and/or walkie talkie, but those that the audio mixer/engineer was wearing. The mixer, director, boom operator, and those sitting behind the camera monitors had them on as well. Now, I know exactly what they are used for. They use them to hear the same audio output that the audio mixer hears when filming a specific scene. They were all wireless. My question, I can't find out what they are or where to get them. It would make my productions so much smoother than running wires from the mixer all over. Is there a wireless transmitter/reciever that they all receive the same signal? I need some advice from someone who knows what this is???

Nicholas Marocola

Dude, you are a life saver.... thank you... couldn't figure that one out.

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