Filmmaking / Directing : Paul Anderson's Directing Style by Richard "RB" Botto

Richard "RB" Botto

Paul Anderson's Directing Style

Brad M. Johnson

Amazing. Thanks for sharing this, RB!

Richard "RB" Botto

My pleasure, Brad. Pretty fascinating, no?

Perri Yaniv

OMG LOVE IT! as a huge believer that theatre is an exercise in physics (all decisions are literally made up of space and time), this is a very encouraging segment. If only I knew what all the symbols translated to...fortunately I've just fallen in love with this archive and will tred through the dusty attics for my new knowledge. Thanks so much RB.

Richard "RB" Botto

Very welcome, Perri.

Antoine Mellinger

Well I'd say the fibonacci thing is a big stretch, you could most likely find those absolutely everywhere. PTA is a distinctive director tough, tempo, style, characters and subjects are words that come to mind that sets him apart from others.

Andrew Sobkovich

Wonderful bit of suggestion with the mathematical inferences. The images do not fit or hold the size and spatial relationships that are inferred by the Fibonacci numbers. The Fibonacci number generated spiral loosely, kind of, not really but maybe a little, containing some parts of a composition means what exactly? If we are to refer to the mathematics, something is or it isn't. Fibonacci numbers bear no relationship to the images being presented. Flashing them all over the screen is impressive but had no relevance to what was being shown. Unfortunately this premise is flawed as the mathematics do not define nor delineate the images. The "rule" of thirds is common enough yet to infer mathematical exactness was somehow critically important in shots where it was only close for an instant then went away is a little far fetched. More power of suggestion than reality. The Golden Ratio with all of the variations of the mathematics of discovering it, again bore no relationship to what was displayed as examples. Great to have equations calculating it all over the screen, but better would be if they had some relationship to what was being shown. I'm certain the Golden String is coming. Despite disagreeing with the premise and the validity of application to the presented examples, I did appreciate seeing the shots again. The art of composition in images and story telling is alive and well when allowed to exist. In this case the reality is art, the mathematics is imagined.

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