Filmmaking / Directing : Pay? by Nick Bianconi

Nick Bianconi


Hey guys, I just got offered a directing job for a short 7 or so minute short. But the pay is only BARE MINIMAL - meaning less than $100. Should I take it regardless for experience or pass it by?

Don Dobrez Jr

I think a lot depends on how complicated the shoot is and how much of a time commitment it will be. But, I do believe that any time you can get paid to work it is a good thing and something to add to your resume. I have done some work just for the experience, but have also turned down gigs because I felt that the time commitment was too long.

Nick Bianconi

Yeah I was thinking exactly the same thing! Because there are a lot of variations you need to take into consideration about not only the film you are offered to take part of but how you yourself interprets what is good about stuff you have made vs making something someone else is making and knowing what makes what worth doing.

Jackie Walker

Learn about the project content and crew quality. If the material is something you find would inspire you to direct, showcase your vision and think it would be a strong resume/portfolio builder - I say do it. If its a subject matter that doesn't speak to you in any way, pass on it. It's not worth it if you are voiceless on the subject. I did that this June. I Co-Directed a feature film for the experience and ALTHOUGH it was great experience, as a director, its was a very vision-less/passionless/voiceless project for me. I feel that is cheating yourself along with those close to the project. On the on the other hand, every opportunity is a learning experience. I say if the project speaks to you and you can see a strong benefit from directing it, then yes, do it. If not, you may want to pass.

Nick Bianconi

Thanks for the comment Jackie! Definitely great advice from a morale perspective!

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