Filmmaking / Directing : Question for all you directors and film makers by Cole Dowell

Cole Dowell

Question for all you directors and film makers

When it comes time to hire a composer to score your film where do you first look? Sites like this or do most of you already a few composers you use so no need?

Charles Allen

Depends on my budget. On my first film I used well placed public domain and then local music bands I knew, which gave me incredible variety. Now I search for composers by going to indie music boards and other places where musicians hang out. Larger orchestrations are hired by musicians from my experience.

Cole Dowell

Ok cool thanks..!

Brandon H. Creighton

I suggest going to your local university/college that offers masters/doctoral degree programs in music. I have several friends that have gone this route and one of the classes they love (at LSU) is the film scoring class. For one they are serious musicians if they are going to that level of education. Plus they are actually trained musicians not self taught. And if they are in process of taking the class you can help them out as well. It'd be mutually beneficial. Just a suggestion and you could probably get it for free or next to nothing.

Cole Dowell

thanks brandon ...but i am the composer lol ...just trying to get a idea where to find more film projects that need to hire a composer.

Debbie Croysdale

Good tip from Brandon. Ive even got original backing music from underground buskers, in the past, but that was only once LOL. (The guy was a graduate music school.)

Cole Dowell

Debbie maybe you didnt understand haha im not looking for music im looking to compose music for filmmakers! My question was where do filmmakers go to look for composers.

Brandon H. Creighton

Hey Cole in the future make sure you preface that in your question. It obviously reads as if you are looking for a composer not the other way around. Good luck finding work. I am very aware at how difficult that can be.

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