Filmmaking / Directing : Quetsion about disruptions on sets by Tara Wilken

Tara Wilken

Quetsion about disruptions on sets

Hi All, I am just starting out in this industry and want to help resolve conflicts or emotional breakdowns on set as a neutral 3rd party. The reaction I have received so far has been been very positive and encouraging that this would be something that would be very helpful to have on set. I was wondering if you, as film markers (or others) could give me some general (no names) types of incidents that you might have encountered on-sets where having a neutral party there would have been helpful, so you could have focused on the other important items you had to do, instead of the disruption. As far as I can tell, no one really specializes in this, so I have also have been playing around with titles. I would appreciate some feed back if you are so inclined. The 2 main ones that I have kept so far are Communication Liaison or Conflict Consultant. Any thoughts on either title or do you have other suggestions? I do plan on staying away from anything title that uses the word coach. Thank you in advance for taking the time to help me. Enjoy the day!

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