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Anyone could recommend me where to study direction in the US/Canada? As a screenwriter I figured out I'll feel more comfortable directing my own material, and I want to give better steps to make it a reality. Thanks!

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

As the late, great Joel Schumacher said: "If you want to direct, direct. Grab any camera, a script and some people and make a movie." After 20+ years in the industry I agree completely. Film school might make you aware of what other famous directors have or have not done, and might give you some very limited exposure to directing in a structured setting. But frankly I have never found a film school graduate who was actually taught to direct. They learn it on their own.

Ismael Judá Moraes Reis Dias

I just want a degree so no one can claim I'm "inexperient", I don't really believe in college. I'm all for learning independently.

Dan MaxXx

the thing is having a specialized college degree like FILM puts you in a position for a teaching job later if your full-time filmmaking income slows down, or you're out of work. Teaching at the university level pays about $60- $100,000+ (depending on your filmmaking success), plus healthcare and discount tuition for family.

Study in a big city with a large entertainment community like Los Angeles, NYC, Atlanta. If you can afford film school and have the grades, enroll at Univ of Southern California. It's a private school with arguably the best FILM studies/production program. Good Luck!

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Dan MaxXx That's a good point.

Doug Nelson

Going to school or teaching at USC Film School requires that you live and breath the brown air in the L.A. basin. YUCK - no thanx. I'd just as same stay up here in Oregon and teach at OSU or privately at the Majestic.

Jack Schaberg

A great way to learn how to direct is to write a movie you can make yourself. Start small, and go from there. You'll learn a ton about directing AND screenwriting. Spend the money you'd otherwise spend on a formal education in the real world school of hard knocks.

Lindbergh E Hollingsworth

Len Wiseman went to De Anza Community College and he's directed a Die Hard movie, Underworld and Total Recall. Many times it isn't the school, it's what you do.

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