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Ghada Ali

Recommendations of Films to Watch\ Advice and Tips during Production process

Guys, I'm kinda into making a story "well, it's a long documentary" but with some cinematic style like a reality show theme, anyways it's with 8 different nationalities with 8 various stories ,, and I will be shooting for a whole year ,,I'm kinda into it already "almost done half of shooting" and got my vision to all,, but still, I need some more insights "what do you think I should bear in mind while shooting, how to create a connection between the stories, if you have some recommendations to some films that went with the same of having multi stories in one "even in fiction films, if you have some recommendations" please share with me some films' name ,, I'm very excited to work on it and the spirit is amazing, I have a whole plan to all, but always better to watch more, read more, learn more ,,,then you create ways better more .. Your advice and recommendations would be helpful.

JD Hartman

A little late to think about how to link many segments into a cohesive film if you already shot half of it.

Ghada Ali

Yes I already have the vision and all, since all the stories have somehow a link, but everyday still I progress it even more- in a good way ,,so if there some certain related stuff "articles, films" with the same theme, that would be fruitful

Anu Deshpande

Hi Ghada.. I am not an expert to advise in this matter but just thought of expressing myself. As far as i know one movie with multiple story lines is called as an Anthology film. One imp question rises here and that is whether all stories have a common goal or common struggle? If yes then characters can come together and fight together towards the end OR can also lead their individual journeys to ultimate gratification. If not then definitely each story should conclude its own destiny and the lesson you wanting to preach should be presented significantly for each tale. Keeping in mind that ENTERTAINMENT is at the top level of priority than educating people with our own beliefs. In India, Bombay Talkies is an example, the movie was made by 4 different directors. Even Pulp Fiction is an example.

Alena Shipilova

Hi. Your project seems to be interesting for you said about 8 nationalities. I am the International Agent and work with the actors from different countries. I look for the projects for my Actors all over the world. No i am in Russia) amazing country with talented actors, so if you didn't finish a shooting may be you could still be interested in the actors of different nationalities)) Have a good day !

Debbie Croysdale

Read Linda Aronson The 21st Century Screenplay. Its the most deeply layered and concise book on linking multiple storylines, whether a group story to be linked, separate stories linked and tandem/non linear narrative.

Ken Koh

You need to prep now for distribution. Think PR/EPK kit, you'll need photos, interviews of talent, crew on set and locations. Will also be useful for DVD extras release. List your production in every film trade (Hollywood Reporter, Variety etc) in every territory you intend to sell to. Daily blog and social media to build an audience and your blog and diary material will be turned into a 'making of book' to coincide with the release of your project. Just a few.

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