Filmmaking / Directing : Short Films! by Sean Wright Neeley

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Short Films!

I am a writer with a gaggle of short stories that are being turned into short films. They are thriller/horror. The scripts are being written, as I write. Anyone interested in producing these projects?

Erik A. Jacobson

How would a producer make a profit? There is little to no return from short films.

Sean Wright Neeley

We're shooting for a series, like The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror, or The Creep Show. And shorts are sometimes critically acclaimed.

Doug Nelson

I'm a strong advocate of the short film but it's true that there is little chance of economic profit from them in an open and completive market. There is however an economic market for industrial and promotional films (I've made recruitment films for rural fire and police departments, hospitals & doctors @ $1,000 per finished min. But that's not what you're talking about. A tv series is a whole nuther issue entirely.

Sean Wright Neeley

Thanks, Doug.

Erik A. Jacobson

Curious. What are you planning to do that Quibi didn't, including A-list talent like Sam Raimi and Jason Blum, $100,000 per minute budgets, and a pandemic when folks are desperate for something to watch but decide to watch something besides Quibi instead? Even a free 3 month trial stirred little interest.

Sean Wright Neeley

We haven't worked out the particulars with marketing yet, Erik. I just know we have good stories; really good stories. The rest can be worked out. Professionals know how to do that. And frankly, your dream-killer attitude is not welcome.

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