Filmmaking / Directing : Stage 32 + Vail Film Festival Women in Film Panel - Let's keep talking! by Amanda Toney

Amanda Toney

Stage 32 + Vail Film Festival Women in Film Panel - Let's keep talking!

What an incredible Stage 32 panel today with the great panelists below! What was your favorite take away?:


-Alexandra Barreto - Producer, Director, Actor (THE FOSTERS, MAYANS MC)

-Robin Bronk - Producer (POLIWOOD, directed by Academy Award-winner Barry Levinson, BEFORE YOU KNOW IT, starring Alec Baldwin, Mandy Patinkin, & Judith Light)

-Leslie Alejandro - Director, Filmmaker, Celebrity/Fashion Photographer, Activist (Leslie's work has been featured in Vanity Fair, GQ, Vogue, Glamour, Men’s Health, The Wrap and more)

-Mali Elfman - Producer (THE PARTY'S JUST BEGINNING, written, directed by, and starring Karen Gillan)


-Amanda Toney - Producer & Managing Director, Stage 32 (WHAT LIES AHEAD starring Rumer Willis and Emma Dumont)

Taylor C. Baker

It was SO good - I can't wait to watch it again! I have been to a LOT of "Women in Film" panels in my day and this was genuinely the most inspiring, authentic, and refreshing one I have ever had the privilege of watching. These seven women were not afraid to speak honestly about their own personal adventures and I LOVED the focus on doing what YOU can control. Get out there and go do the work! Work with people who inspire you. Lift each other up. Make art together. Thank you so much Amanda and all the amazing women who took the time to inspire us today! Y'all got me feeling like...

Mugs Cahill

"Don't mute your authenticity." "Iron sharpens iron." "Pivot, punt or presume." and so much more. These women were inspiring, authentic and approachable. A great online experience that was made possible by creating something positive out of our challenging times.

Andrea Thompson

"Never mute your authenticity" - that will stay with me forever. Thank you to all of the panelists. Leslie - you were inspiring with your scar story - you made me feel like I can jump through hoops with all you accomplished and how that gave you strength. Robin - I can't wait to check out he Creative Coalition, thank you for giving back and supporting artists. Ashleigh - I live in Illinois and sometimes feel like I should be in New York or LA, but you made me feel like I can keep acting no matter where I am! Lesley-Ann - You inspired me so much, I watch you on Lucifer in awe of your talent and I am so scared to quit my day job to pursue acting full time. Your story gave me courage that when I'm ready that I can do it and just never look back. Mali - loved how you said to surround yourself with people who lift you up. Your career is impressive and makes me want to start doing more short film. And, finally Alex, I can't wait to check out your film about the retreat. I've been dabbling in writing a feature, but now I think I might start with a short and direct it because you gave me the courage that I could do it. Thank you ladies for your time today. And than you to Stage 32 and the Vail Film Festival for putting this on.

Andrea Thompson

Haha Mugs Cahill! We were moved by the same quote at the same time! I loved that line, I wrote that down in my journal.

Matt Greenberg

Very well done ladies. Impressive backgrounds and great information. I didn't know about Creative Coalition and checking that out.

Mali and Ashleigh, I'm getting into more genre projects and would love to talk to you but I don't see you here on Stage 32.

Andi Bee

Really needed to hear the stories of women like these panelists to remind us that wherever we are in life or our careers that we can forge a path into this industry, that failing is ok, and to keep getting up, making connections, and just don’t stop trying.

Olga Kalashnikova

Thank you so much everyone for sharing your stories today. Really enjoyed today's panel.

Prema Rose

I'd love to talk with you about my animated/live action musical adventure, The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show. It is definitely a genre blending project. I have a strong pitch deck and have won multiple awards.

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