Filmmaking / Directing : Stanley Kubrick and the Cinematic Experience by Geoff Hall

Geoff Hall

Stanley Kubrick and the Cinematic Experience

Love him or hate him, Stanley Kubrick is one of the most challenging of filmmakers. I came across this video essay and thought I'd share it here with the Stage 32 community. I remember going to see '2001: A Space Odyssey' (1968) with my dad, in the days I was knees high to a grasshopper. I'd have been 11 years old at the time, but my Dad was desperate to see it. He loved science fiction films, but my Mum hated them. So, I went along with him to enjoy the experience. It didn't make sense to me, but it didn't have to. I just needed to experience it. When the film ended, we were walking out of the cinema. I recall holding his hand and looking up to him as he asked me if I'd enjoyed it. "Yes! It was wonderful. But can I ask you one question, please?" My Dad answered in the affirmative and so in I jumped with my question. "What was it about?" He looked down at me and said. "Oh... I was going to ask you that." We smiled at each other as the mystery of Kubrick's world continued. It didn't matter if we understood it or not, what mattered was that we experienced it together, and that to me, is the mark of a great film. We may not have penetrated 'the meaning' or just 'meaning' with the 'the', but we both sat in that darkened room together and revelled in the experience. So, here you go. Here are some of Stanley's greatest moments.

Breonna Collins

He's my role model

Geoff Hall

Hi Breonna, lovely to hear from you. How does he influence your work?

Lethokuhle Lethu Mncube

I also look up to him

Erik Grossman

Hello, Dave.

Andrew Sobkovich

WWSD ... the always appropriate question on a set. What Would Stanley Do?

Geoff Hall

Indeed Andrew, I think for Stanley it was all in the preparation. It looks like the Kubrick archives in London may well be worth a visit sometime.

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