Filmmaking / Directing : The 10,000 Hour Theory by Dave McCrea

Dave McCrea

The 10,000 Hour Theory

I was debating about this with a couple of people last night. I think it's a really influential theory but I wonder who believes in it? If you're unfamiliar, the theory is basically that mastering something (business, writing, painting, music, directing) has very little to do with what natural talent you are born with and everything to do with whether you have put in the necessary time to master it. In the book, Gladwell says that the Beatles weren't more talented songwriters than anyone else, they just spent way more time at it than others. Thoughts? Have any of you spent close to 10,000 hours at something and still feel like you aren't that good?

Dave McCrea

ok so nobody cares lol

Shane M Wheeler

I don't buy it. Not that a journalist can't write about scientific topics, but he is not, in fact, a scientist. Pop-science literature is often rife with innaccuracy for the sake of a good narrative. I find this article gets a lot closer to the truth of the matter. This isn't to say practice doesn't have a great deal of value, but while 10,000 hours helps, but it's no magic bullet. It sounds like more self help industry/business world make believe that gets people motivated, but has no basis in fact. And the fact of the matter is, quality training can beat quantity training as well, which throws it entirely out of wack. PS: I can't say for certain how many hours, but the amount of time I've put into video games in my life is likely staggering, probably well over 10,000 by now. I'm still not very good- my reflexes and coordination are just not on par with most people I know.

Bjørn Abelson

I'm sure the Beatles worked hard, but way harder than any of the other bands trying to break through in the early sixties???? I'd like to see the research.

Nicholas Jordan

I know it for a fact that at 5-years there is a point where one is able to get up and go do it without thinking about it too-much, then at 10,000 hours there is a sort of stability that sets-in but have to go back and un-wind it later ▬ at ten-thousand hours about anybody with any interest can be useful on a project though for me it was get in early in life with what is it I want to do with my life. I drove up to 100,000 hours - if you « feel like you aren't that good» maybe you might not be but with that kind of utility what it takes is present so the general solution to that is find 2nd and 3rd interest area as a balance.

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