Filmmaking / Directing : The Truth About Filmmaking by Karen "Kay" Ross

Karen "Kay" Ross

The Truth About Filmmaking

Just a little inspiration for #FilmmakingFriday from ya boy, D4Darious:

Michael Nguyen

Even if the link is over six years old, its overall message still manages to hold up to this day. What I got from the attached video is that people don't make movies just because they have to be able to pay all of their living expenses (you know, like everyone else), or they keep saying they want to be famous one day; People make movies because they want to, because they want to make sure their stories are told in the best way possible, because it's basically something they know they have the skills to do. Any conflicts that occur throughout all aspects of the film-making process should not be taken for granted, and instead should be treated as lessons to learn for the future, thinking about what to do the next time a certain problem occurs. Hopefully, should I actually become a film-maker and have a desire to be like one of the greats, I would understand very clearly that it's going to be a completely difficult task, keeping every talking point in this video in mind. For someone like me with an extensive background in writing and drawing, it's going to take one heck of a ginormous commitment to add just one directorial movie to my portfolio! (Even I know less about the actual film-making process than some other people that I know!)

Vital Butinar

Very interesting video and in fact at the beginning a little demotivational in a way I guess.

But it got me thinking about something I watched some time ago.

Not everything might be up to us and in the end it could just be up to getting a break.

Of course someone who is not able to take advantage of the break they're getting won't be able to do anything even if they get multiple breaks at something.

So I guess the lesion to be learned is learn and educate yourself in as many things as you can and as you're interested in because when you catch a break you'll be able to do something.

I've found to be the happiest of all of the things I've tried in my life when it comes to filmmaking because I get to use all the knowledge I've had and always get to challenge myself and learn something new.

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