Filmmaking / Directing : Today we are announcing our 7th Annual Stage 32 Short Film Program! by Amanda Toney

Amanda Toney

Today we are announcing our 7th Annual Stage 32 Short Film Program!

I'm excited to see who the winners are! Let's all encourage them in the comments below!

Vincent Cortez

Thank you Amanda and the Stage 32 team for this incredible opportunity. "The Lost" was a short film that came from grief, turbulence in society but also hope for a better tomorrow. We are honored and excited to share our film!

Jessica Redish

So excited to be a part of this festival! Thank you Stage 32!

Noel Vinson

I can't even formulate the words to say how pumped I am to be included amongst a group of winning filmmakers who have made it this far! Love and respect to you all and to Stage 32! Let's rock!

Kent Donguines

Thank you so much Stage 32! This win means so much to me and the rest of the team. Congratulations to all the winners! ♥️

Olivier Hero Dressen

We didn't win this time and arrived so close, to finalist.

Was great to be part of the contest for the second time, and congratulations to the winner!!

Gentian Gjikopulli

Congratulations to all winners! Hope being there soon.

Maurice Vaughan

Excited to see the winners! Congratulations to everyone who entered and the cast and crew on each film!

Stephanie Izsak

Thank you SO much, Stage 32. We're over the moon! Huge congrats to the other winning teams, Consumer is honoured to be among you.

Paul Ménagé

This morning, I have had the immense pleasure of learning that my short film WORDS TO MY LOVE is one of the winners of the stage 32 competition.

Thank you to all my team, I would not have been able to achieve this project without them! I am particularly grateful for Emma Hedsik’s and Lisa Louis Fratani’s engagement.

Thank you to all the Stage 32 team for giving visibility to the short film format, for encouraging young directors, and for making possible the development of new projects.

Diego Olivares

I wanna say congratulations to the winners and I really wish you all the best of luck!! Huge thanks to Stage32 for allowing my film to get as far as it did and to have been apart of this contest. It really means a lot.

Asad Kirmani

Congratulations to the winning films and filmmakers! And thank you to Stage32 for considering our film alongside all the others!

Shellie Schmals

Congratulations to all the winning films & filmmakers!! How exciting!!!

Paula McTaggart

Congratulations to all the winers and all the best for the future!

Eon C. Rambally

Congratulations to all successful winners! Great news of accomplishments!

Olivier Hero Dressen

Amanda Toney major spam here with Joey Scott...

Olivier Hero Dressen

Amanda Toney Another spammer here, I guess you guys need to setup a firewall agains’t bots Tina Gomesa is a bot account.

Maurice Vaughan

I reported the account, Olivier Hero Dressen.

Olivier Hero Dressen

Thanks Maurice!

Martin Reese

I hope to have something for next year's contest.

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Olivier.

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