Filmmaking / Directing : Transfer (1966) - David Cronenberg by Nelle Nelle

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Transfer (1966) - David Cronenberg

We all start somewhere! Here's the first film by David Cronenberg!

Richard "RB" Botto


Andrew Sobkovich

Early Cronenberg projects. Worth watching and always something interesting to find as well as more than a few head scratching moments. "Stereo" his first feature, is interesting story-telling. This version is quite modified both edited and with added music. The concept still comes across well “Crimes of the Future” which touches on a lot of interesting futuristic themes. The music in this version was not in the original but added by the music composer much later. The Italian Machine is a favourite of mine which, among other things, introduces the origin of the design of the Telepod from “The Fly”. Italian subtitles were added for this version, but it was easy to find. Fun for lots of reasons.

Andrew Sobkovich

I find watching these early works always forces me to ask if I can see anything on the screen that hints at known future accomplishments. If so, what hints are those? I wonder what the answer to same question would be not knowing who's work I was watching? Pretty sure I'm not alone in seeing little or nothing in many projects. Need to keep that in mind when watching pictures or reels.

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