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UAVs in production

UAV Regulations Are you aware of federal regulations regarding the commercial use of UAVs, including aerial cinematography? - Operator must possess a pilot certificate, private pilot or above. - Operator must have a Certificate of Authorization or Waiver - Operations may only take place during daylight and in VFR conditions - Qualified visual observer(s) must be present to assist the operator - Operator must maintain visual line of sight with the UAV at all times. - First Person View (FPV) operation of UAV is not permitted - Operations prohibited within Class B airspace - Operations within Class C, D or within E or G with control towers may only take place with permission of Air Traffic Control authority and in compliance with the COA and operating requirements imposed by ATC including two-way communications with ATC, filing of NOTAMs, and compliance with any other limitations imposed by ATC. I have prepared detailed risk assessments and safety protocols for production UAV operations. To learn more about how I can help improve the safety of your project, contact me. FAA UAV FAQ

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Entertainment Risk Consulting
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Amanda Toney

AWESOME resource thank you so much for sharing Chris!

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Chris - have you shot ariel? Have you seen the new True Detective season? They did a ton of drone shooting on that.

Chris Palmer

Julie, Thanks for the reply! I have provided safety on many aerial shoots including Behind Enemy Lines, Flyboys, Hart's War, and Fear Factor. UAV work on several projects in TV since then and did a lot of RC helicopter aerial work in commercials and music videos. I fly a Phantom 2.0 personally but do not fly for cinematography. Although I am a pilot ground school graduate, one must be a licensed private pilot or above to legally fly UAVs for commercial purposes in the US and have. Section 333 wii over motion picture manual for motion picture and tv work.

Carrie Certa

Chris! I'm the head of the PGA (producers, not golf) Master Class series, which is hands on education for producers. We are holding a Drone Class Oct 1st. Based on your experience, you sound perfect for our panel. Are you in LA and interested? Thanks!

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