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Whats lacking with youtube?

I have been thinking a lot about whats going on with the social media and the coming (already here!?) generation of youtube stars. I wanted to get your thoughts as a film-making community on what you see as particularly interesting or even lacking with todays produced content. I myself think the type of content is very limited due to the nature of the media. Most youtube clips end up being less than 15minutes due to the limitation on the number of people and time involved in making this content. The actor is usually undertaking various roles: editing, screenplay, post production, etc. Shouldn't this be split across multiple roles and people in an ideal world? Would that make sense?

Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

I think yes, ideally the jobs should be split, but usually someone comes up with an idea, and they get their friends to shoot it. And I don't think the reason why webseries (we are talking about webseries, right?) are shorter than 15 minutes is because of the lack of people involved. It's like that because most people don't want to sit through a 15 minute episode of something they're not sure is good or not. I cringe when I see a pilot webseries ten minutes long, lol. I think those 5 minute guys know what they're doing. If the first few episode is good, I don't mind the next being 15 minutes, or just as short.

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