Filmmaking / Directing : Who can help me write a script based on a written book? My book is free. by Ksenia Maslova

Who can help me write a script based on a written book? My book is free.

Hello! My name is Ksenia. I recently wrote a small book of 256 pages of printed text. My dream is to turn this book into a screenplay and then into a movie. If anyone is interested, I look forward to your help. Thanks.

PS I know I'm too young for this kind of thing and I'm not experienced. But I want to take the risk, no matter what.

I have a lot of ideas in my head that have ended up on paper.

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Ksenia Maslova The best thing is to sit down and try it out yourself, with no biases or prejudices as to how it should be done. Get a large set of cheap notebooks and a pen you like, and just write the screenplay the way you think it will work. Don't judge yourself and don't worry about format. After it's done, then leave it for a while, then come back and read it and revise it. When you think it's pretty good, then start asking other writers their opinions and only then worry about formatting, spelling, etc...

Ksenia Maslova

Thank you for your feedback, sir. The problem is that I absolutely don't know where to start. Training and video lessons are not enough.

I feel like I'm drowning in it all and I can't get out.

Doug Nelson

Okay, you're starting from dead stop with zero knowledge about screenwriting. I don't know the little nuances between the UK and the US market - but I'll bet they are fairly similar. First get a copy of Dave Trottier's The Screenwriter's Bible - it's the best starting point I can think of. There's a lot more than just formatting in there.

Many will tell you that formatting isn't very important but I'm here to tell you it is if you're serious. It's also one of the easier parts to learn. Get that under your belt first, then come back and we'll get into things like theme, genre, character development, story design and tapestry along with all the other little matters that pop up along the way. All the best.

Pierre Langenegger

The problem is it's your story and you're going to find it very difficult to find someone to adapt it into a screenplay for free.

Plenty of writers will be happy to do it on assignment but an assignment means payment and it can be quite expensive to pay someone to write a feature length screenplay (probably impossible as a student). It is possible that another writer may read your story, fall in love with it and want to help you bring it to life for free, but that's highly unlikely.

It's time consuming but your best option is to do it yourself. As Doug said, get yourself a copy of The Screenwriter's Bible (every screenwriter should have one anyway), find some free software, there's plenty around (WriterDuet is a good example), and now for the most important part, look for and read screenplays of movies that you like and movies that are similar to your book. Find as many as you can and read them all. Take note of the structure, the format, how the writer handles action, how the writer handles dialogue, and how the writer handles emotion. Look at how the writer conveys everything without telling us what the character is thinking or how they feel. Then start writing.

There’s always more than enough people here to give you tips as you go and to review your work with detailed notes, but looking for someone to write it for you is an almost impossible ask.

WL Wright

Ksenia stop stepping in your own way. If you can write a novel you can write a screenplay. Adaptions are about cutting without losing the story because page for page they would all be four hour movies. Also, I think and many agree that when you offer something for free it loses value in the eyes of the receiver. I get where you want to go with this, just get it made. If you don't value it how do you expect someone else to? You have to believe in it enough to say, you will get paid. No one that breaks through gets paid on all of them, I've researched that enough to feel better. lol This is a million to one bet no matter what, so jump in and stop believing you can't. As long as you believe that, you're right you can't because you won't even try. Good luck and happy writing!

Ksenia Maslova

Thank you all very much for your advice. No, I really appreciate my work. Let's just say I don't care about the material part of the project. Thank you again! I will listen to you all!

Zach Tirone

Keep at it! Getting it down on paper is the first step!

Ksenia Maslova

Thank you, Zach!

Baz Martin Gibbons

Hi Ksenia Maslova , you are never too young to dream or too old to start. :)

You will have to reduce your 256 pages of text to approximately 110 pages of screenplay.

To do this, you need to know who your protagonist is, what your protagonist is pursuing, in terms of their goal; and you need to know the essential conflicts your protagonist will encounter as he or she pursues their goal. This will help you to eliminate form the original text much that isn’t useful in your screenplay. When that’s done. Begin with your first scene.

Ksenia Maslova

Thank you very much, Baz!

Doug Nelson

The basic answer to your question is...YOU.

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