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Lord Graham C Jones

Zombie film

A bit of an odd request really. I am very friendly with an autistic man aged 21. He is a massive zombie fan. If anyone is making such a film in the London or home counties area of England, would you consider having this bright and funny guy as one of your Zombies on an unpaid basis. It would make his life time. I fully understand if not. Many thanks for considering it though :-) Lord Graham

Marli Monroe

I'm not working on a zombie film, but I wanted to thank you for making the request on behalf of the young gentleman. What a kind and thoughtful gesture. I will now be on the lookout for zombie films. : )

Wayne Thompson

If I manage to raise the funds for our zombie film then I would be honored to have your friend involved. I worked many many years helping people with learning disabilities and autism. They are wonderful people.

J Medina

What a nice thing to do! I hope you find such a film!!

William E. Spear

Echoing respect from others. Kudos to you.

Lord Graham C Jones

I thank you all for your lovely comments. It is only having an Aspergers son myself, that has given me a great deal of understanding and as you all say, it would means so much to him. Thank you Wayne for your kind offer too. I so hope you can secure funding :-) I have also passed your name onto a guy who is looking for someone to make a zombie film in England for him. Hope that was ok? Requests are out to all of you for connections. I adore being associated with good capable people with a heart. Thanks again and if I can help anyone, please get in touch :-)

Lord Graham C Jones

Marli, You are an angel. That is really very kind of you, thank you too. It means so much when people contact me anyway, but with such lovely comments as well, makes me tingle. I'm only doing something that costs me nothing at all but means the world to a young man. As you say Wayne, wonderful people with so much to give. Jamie and William, equal respect to you too. Thanks for taking the time to message. Thank you very much :-)

Wayne Thompson

Of course it is Lord Graham. I am happy to have anyone involved. If he or anyone else would like to know more about the film or even read the script just ask. :)

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