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What films have influenced your directing style?

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Specific films... I don't know. But specific directors: Welles, Hitchcock, Kubrick, Kurosawa, Eisenstein, Ridley Scott.

Willem Lodewijk Elzenga

Jan de Bont, Lars von Trier, Harmony Korine, David Lynch, Jim Jarmush. Von Trier and Jarmush both worked with cinematographer Robby Muller. My favourite film person is Steven Spielberg, he sort of does it all.

Doug Nelson

Film - Bad Day at Black Rock. Director - I've been on set with Hitch and to just watch him work was an entire film school education.

Brent Forrest

All of them.

Ying Jie Wang

Dear Rebecca, I wish you happiness!

Dan Massa
Sales Projections

Hi there folks. I am developing a project to be shot in Italy but directed to english speaker territories. It's a not typical mafia story and at the moment I am stuck into finding accredited sales projection companies in order to sent this papers to investors. Does anyone of you have any idea on how to solve this dilemma? Cheers

C. D-Broughton

Dan, For our project, Concerned Citizens, we analysed a hell of a lot of BFI data as well as information that can be found on sites such as and At the end of...

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Michele Kanan

Hey Dan, did you make any progress?

Alexia Melocchi

territorial trends and markets change every six months. There are certain factors that are included in the right kind of estimates that go beyond the very common chart of how other films in the same b...

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Erik A. Jacobson

Great advice, Alexia!

Regina Lee

Hi Dan, are you willing to pay for a projection sheet? That's not what I do, but I may be able to recommend someone to you. He charges a fee. But yeah, you'll want your cast (or alternative cast confi...

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Where to look for crew

Hi, I'm an actor and producer looking for a director & crew for my short film, and am wondering (in addition to Stage32), are there sites out there where I can post an ad that I'm seeking crew?

Peggy Nichols

No problem. Let me know when the time is right. Good luck finding your essential people.

Bradley Scott

Where are you filming?

Ayelette Robinson

LA, if I can find the right location. Another option is near Tahoe, to get mountains and cold/winter.

Doug Nelson

Ayelette, seriously, you’re in LA and you can’t find a crew? I’m up here in western Oregon where I really do have a hard time finding actors and crew, but I manage (barely.) You’ve got film schools, a...

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Stephan Roux

Call the local/nearest film Commision (provided they have one where you shoot). They will be able to help you with locations and crew/vendors list.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz
Brandon Flemmings

No particular order. Kubrick, David Fincher, Tarantino, Akira Kurosawa, Scorsese, Nolan, Alejandro G. Iñárritu, Richard Linklater, Chan-wook Park, Gaspar Noe.

Amanda Toney
Stage 32 + Vail Film Festival Women in Film Panel - Let's keep talking!

What an incredible Stage 32 panel today with the great panelists below! What was your favorite take away?:


-Alexandra Barreto - Producer, Director, Actor (THE FOSTERS, MAYANS MC)

-Robin Bronk - Prod...

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Andrea Thompson

Haha Mugs Cahill! We were moved by the same quote at the same time! I loved that line, I wrote that down in my journal.

Matt Greenberg

Very well done ladies. Impressive backgrounds and great information. I didn't know about Creative Coalition and checking that out.

Mali and Ashleigh, I'm getting into more genre projects and would love to talk to you but I don't see you here on Stage 32.

Andi Bee

Really needed to hear the stories of women like these panelists to remind us that wherever we are in life or our careers that we can forge a path into this industry, that failing is ok, and to keep getting up, making connections, and just don’t stop trying.

Olga Kalashnikova

Thank you so much everyone for sharing your stories today. Really enjoyed today's panel.

Prema Rose

I'd love to talk with you about my animated/live action musical adventure, The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show. It is definitely a genre blending project. I have a strong pitch deck and have won multiple awards.

Tony Byrd
Doing an anthology TV show

I'm thinking about doing an sci-fi anthology TV block. It's called Nightmare Festival. It's my idea that stuck in my mind. What should I do?

Mel Nieves

Write it!

Mel Nieves

It's a choice. There are no set rules except to make the themes compelling and thought provoking.

Julia Petrisor

I have not yet heard of an anthology that is not thematically linked. Examples?

Tony Byrd

The Wonderful World of Disney

Mel Nieves

Well there have been, but the most famous and ground breaking of those was Playhouse 90 from the early days of television which helped introduce the writings of Rod Serling, Paddy Chayefsky, Horton Foote, Frank Gilroy to a larger audience.

Stephanie Gaudinier
Film & TV Pro yay or nay?

Hi All,

I've been using Film & TV Pro USA for some time now and they are now charging to view job ads on their site. It rounds out to be $120/year. I'm not sure if it is worth it but I also don't know where else to look for jobs. Do you have experience using this site? Is it worth the cost?

Joseph L. Stewart

Has anyone ever used "Casting 360"? If so, could I get some rating feedback, and any other info? Thanks. :)

Robert Franklin

Always best to test the waters and find the right deal for you!

Carl Welden

Film & TV Pro is now switched back to the Mandy banner apparently. I've never gotten work through either, but I have gotten a gig through Stage32

G.S. Ford

Stage32 is a great free option. is great, but they charge now as well. other options include linkedin and general social media across several platforms linking back to your website. Craigsli...

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Joe Valva

My son uses Mandy to get sound recoding jobs and has done well with it for a few years.

Thomas R. Monette
Real character development... Where has it gone?

Why is it, that almost every time I watch a new film, there is little to no time spent on character development? Is it just me? I know I'm going to see it from the very good to great filmmakers, but it seems as though most newbs want to skip it it all together. Have artists not learned any better, a...

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Thomas R. Monette

Gigi and James, thanks for chiming in! Both of you have made great points ans have provided us with even further insight into what I believe to be such an important topic. Thank you and everyone else...

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Kelvin Fahey

Often there may be a time constraint, focus on the pace leading to the climax scene, or a singular focus on a theme regardless of characterization potential. I mostly deal with music videos that have...

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James Felt

Film directors of today are not the film directors of yesterday. I believe there is a wide gap between the two. Back then it was fairly new. They were pushing the envelope into uncharted territory. Th...

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Alex Sarris

Truth is people just want the easy way out and don't want to do the leg work. I have just completed a feature where I wrote character Bio's for all the leads, established their backstory which set the...

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Chuck Dudley

Evil Dead Remake. Budget 17 million/0 character development. Number 1 at the box office./Gross to date 35 million. Producer's job with Evil Dead 2? REPEAT PROCESS. -- Hollywood is a business. The question is: If Evil Dead had character development would the movie gross even more? I think so.

Jacob O'Neal
Shameless Self Promotion and Introduction

My name is Jacob O'Neal, co-founder of Robot Vampire Productions, and I am a movie addict. I have been since childhood. Between having a voraciuos appetite for movies and having an overactive imagination I was born to do something in the industry. When I was roughly around nine years old my family a...

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Dan Solo

Nice one Jacob... Definitely looking forward to seeing the Film when it's done. Here's my shameless promotion... Sign up for a free account which you will be able to use to distribute and in the not too distant future fund your film. Cheers Dan

L Fabry
48 Hour Film Project

Hello, I've never done a 48 hour film project before but would be interested in helping out. I'm a produced screenwriter with two awards based in Houston, Texas. Let me know how and if I can help. Thanks, Lilia

Ghada Ali
Recommendations of Films to Watch\ Advice and Tips during Production process

Guys, I'm kinda into making a story "well, it's a long documentary" but with some cinematic style like a reality show theme, anyways it's with 8 different nationalities with 8 various stories ,, and I will be shooting for a whole year ,,I'm kinda into it already "almost done half of shooting" and go...

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Ghada Ali

Yes I already have the vision and all, since all the stories have somehow a link, but everyday still I progress it even more- in a good way ,,so if there some certain related stuff "articles, films" with the same theme, that would be fruitful

Anu Deshpande

Hi Ghada.. I am not an expert to advise in this matter but just thought of expressing myself. As far as i know one movie with multiple story lines is called as an Anthology film. One imp question rise...

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Alena Shipilova

Hi. Your project seems to be interesting for you said about 8 nationalities. I am the International Agent and work with the actors from different countries. I look for the projects for my Actors all o...

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Debbie Croysdale

Read Linda Aronson The 21st Century Screenplay. Its the most deeply layered and concise book on linking multiple storylines, whether a group story to be linked, separate stories linked and tandem/non linear narrative.

Ken Koh

You need to prep now for distribution. Think PR/EPK kit, you'll need photos, interviews of talent, crew on set and locations. Will also be useful for DVD extras release. List your production in every...

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Tony Byrd
Opening scenes as short films

I watched opening scenes. There are great films that are. Can they be seen as short films? If so, let me know. Thanks.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Have you seen the short film that Whiplash is based on? That's a great example of a short film that is literally a scene from the feature (but not the opening scene, and there's good reason why).

Tony Byrd

I've seen it.

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