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Finding a good Director

Hello all. Just a general question. I am meeting with some investors very soon about a script that I wrote. The producer/Director that I usually work with is not super excited about this script and, although I know he will still be a huge support when it comes to managing the project, I may be going...

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Which way to go

Hi all, I'm a writer who is wanting to take action on his work rather than try to get someone else to do it. I want to have something produced and completed for people to be able to watch when pitching not only my work but myself as a creative but I'm wondering what would be better, a proof of concep ...

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Need a roof in LA

Hey folks, need your hive mind. Need a flat roof in LA - teeny budget. About 12 all in with Cast and Crew. Need to be able to shoot in the stairwell too. Would love if you could mail me a pic Thanks so much. R

Which coast is better for to make a film?

The question seems to pop up over and over again. But I always love the comments. NY or LA? This question makes it into the narrative of so many films. I can think of (2) right away. 1) TOOTSIE(1983) Stanley Pollack is playing Dustin Hoffman's agent and he is on the phone with :"The Coast" Dustin ba...

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Who's looking forward to SXSW??!!

I can't wait to see this year's films. Which screening/event/party are you most looking forward to?

The Artistic Philosophy of Andrei Tarkovsky's Poetic Filmmaking

My Director's Mindset

Hey all, I thought I create my first non-introductory post to talk about how I chase this Directing rabbit through daily routines. Honestly, I'd love feedback as well as some insights into what others do daily, but I'd really love for this gives some folks some ideas of what they can integrate into...

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Need film grant link for NYC documentary I have written,will direct, & produce..

If you have had SUCCESS in obtaining $$$ from a SPECIFIC FILM GRANT organization in NYC. I would SO like to know. A little help?

BAFTA Guru Labs

Hi all, The lovely folks at BAFTA are giving entry level film/tv folk (6 months - 1 year professional experience) the chance to attend 2 days of bespoke 1-2-1 meetings + round tables with industry experts as part of Guru Live 2017 at BAFTA 195 on 6 + 7 May.Having been involved previously with the BA...

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