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Recommendations for useful "Storyboard" books ?

Hello guys, I'm familiar with making storyboard for films, ads etc, but would like to take it to more studied "yet more practical" level, so any recommendations for important books?, famous names to follow, any related helpful recommendations would help, thanks!

Fancy a new project?

Hey peeps, I'm wondering if there is anyone is Scotland that may be able to help me? I have started to write my first "real" film and I feel like I could do with a little help as I have never written a screenplay before. The reason why I say "Real" film is because I have had ideas in the past and wr...

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Film festival in Nothern Ireland

Hi everybody. Could smb help me with the information about the Film festival in Nothern Ireland. From spotlight I guess, name, contacts, time, place, how to make accreditation. Would be nice if you help. Thank you!!

Colchester Film Festival 60Hr Film Makers Challenge. (5 minute films) Anybody else here on Stage32 get in on this?

Just spent 56 hrs out of 60 creating a five minute film, wondering if anybody else in Stage32 did similar?

Director Agents

Hey, in the upcoming months (after my current productions are wrapped) I am going to be shopping for an agent for my directing. Would love to specialize in family media, but also have experience in music videos and marketing projects. I am based in Canada if that matters. Does anyone have an agency...

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I wanna make a short film

Guys,i'm the person who is eagerly waiting to make a short film.Because i haven't taken made up to now ,lack of actors and producer. I can say proudly that i have a very good script,please someone give me a chance to narrate my script please

prop design, Boston area

Looking for some recommendations for prop design and prop making for an indie production in October. Specifically-- a couple of grave stones with custom names, dates. If you know of specialists in the Boston area, please let me know. Many thanks.

Sony Will Give You $500 to Trade in Your DSLR for a New a9
Sony Will Give You $500 to Trade in Your DSLR for a New a9
Sony Will Give You $500 to Trade in Your DSLR for a New a9
The promotion also applies to the Sony a7 II, Sony a7S II or Sony a7R II. We've made quite a fuss about Canon's latest DSLR not fulfilling the needs of an independent filmmaker and there's one company…
From Stephen Follows <>> How Many Films Are Released Each Year and What That Means?

From Stephen Follows <>> "We’ve already seen how the number of major Hollywood releases is not increasing, meaning that the growth in releases must be due to a greater number of independent films receiving a theatrical release. This could be viewed as a positive change for artists and independents,...

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How many films are released each year?
How many films are released each year?
In an unusual moment of synchronicity this week, three unconnected people have contacted me to ask how many films are released in cinemas each year. Each had different reasons for asking but all were…
Donny bonzo

Hey folks, Donny Bonzo is out and ready to meet you all. I hope you all are impressed by him in your first meeting. Cheers!

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