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David Tenenbaum

A wing and a prayer

Three years ago, my partner and I embarked on a Trump satire podcast. We turned it into an animated series. That series has won five contests (5!). We've been pitching it for over a year. Every agent says "strong project but not the right fit." We've been up against two major problems. The first is that we were always considered another "Our Cartoon President." The second is that the adult animation space is so small that no one does what we're looking for. Well, the first issue has been resolved in that we've been promoting this so long that we are now "Our Cartoon President 2.0." It's the perfect time to release a Trump campaign satire now that he's gotten off for treason twice. However, the first problem still remains.

Hence, what I've come here today about. We have the pitch deck, we have the pilot. All we need is someone who can call Showtime et al and say, "Hey, we've got the second installment of your political spoof ready to go." The more I researched management companies, the more I realized that just about anyone can call themselves a manager. Some have one client, some don't have any. Would it be so far fetched for me remove my affiliation with the project and create a management page on IMDB? I could then represent my cowriter and we could finally figure out after all this time whether the obstacle is the quality of the series or simply the lack of a liaison to get it in front of the right people.

Debbie Elicksen

Interesting dilemma. I wonder if timing has something to do with it, as history is still unfolding with respect to 45? No doubt there will be an army of content circulating for years to come about this time in history. Don't give up.

Shadow Dragu-Mihai, Esq

On the face of your own post, you are pitching a concept that has already been done and is in the space. Showtime, as you point out yourself, already has the show. So why would they need your idea? In fact, might they even consider that infringes on their own IP? That being the case, I think "not the right fit" is a very polite way to pass.

Jessica Novinger

I’m not a manager or agent but, is the series already animated or are you looking for an animator?

Ewan Dunbar

When he was president people couldn’t get away from him in the press, satire, social media etc. South Park even stopped making fun of him because they couldn’t keep up with what he was doing and it’s dominance in society. Looking for companies that are still making content in this space of satire will be worth checking out but some may thing the time has passed.

Shellie Schmals

Floyd County Productions helms the ARCHER series here in Atlanta, GA - https://www.floydcountyproductions.tv/ - you can research, and see who manages their projects. Work backwards - what shows are similar to yours, and how are they working with.

Sam Mannetti

Hi David, I am the Director of Development Services at Stage 32. Happy to help point you to all the resources we have to offer on Stage 32. Shoot me an email at success@stage32.com and my team can make some recommendations. Cheers!

Niki Hayes

Reach out to success@stage32.com and let them know your situation, they can help you find the right executives to speak to about getting your targets just right!

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