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Cherelynn Baker

Amazon Video Direct 2018 - your experience please - has it changed?

Hey Stage 32'ers, if you could, would you please share your experience uploading video and captions to Amazon Video Direct? Personally, as of April, I have had a lot of difficulty working with them, when last summer, it was click click boom simple and easy. No fuss! Now, the .srt file, has been rejected 9 times. Yes, I have edited myself, hired a freelance captions editor and purchased from a company. None pass. So I'm curious:

1) Is a third world English as a second language temporary hire for Amazon doing the review?

2) Has Jennifer Salke made changes to the AVD program at the corporate level though it has not trickled down to the end user?

3) Ha! Is it me?

Your opinion and experience is appreciated and if you have a tip for how to streamline the process, please share!

David M. Nienow

I submitted my art series just a few days. Its my first submission to the service. After several days of waiting I am now getting an error message about delays in the publishing process. And no other info about the situation. I have no way of knowing what the problem may be, or if there is anything I need to do to fix a problem.

Cherelynn Baker

David M. Nienow They will give you a reason for the error and a very unhelpful link to a help page that is not, helpful. I really think something changed on their end? It used to be SO simple to upload and now, since April, not so much! Good luck to you!

Sdkids Tang

we experiences the same

Cherelynn Baker

Thanks for sharing your opinions! I know something is different and can't get an answer why. So frustrating.

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