Distribution : Anyone had success with TUGG? by Angela Landis

Angela Landis

Anyone had success with TUGG?

Hi! I'm new here, so maybe there is already a thread somewhere.... I have a feature that is being released on VOD in April and I am considering a few TUGG screenings to help build audience, and ideally make a few bucks. I am wondering if anyone has had success doing TUGG and if so, do you have any pointers. I've never had amazing success crowd-sourcing anything, so I would also like to know if there are any services out there that can maximize a TUGG release. Appreciate any feedback you all have! Thanks Angela

Angela Landis

Thank you so much Lynn! Can I ask, were most of your attendees people you already new directly or through connections, or were you able to reach out to find your audience? And if you were able to find them, did you do that through ads & social media? I really appreciate your feedback :) I look forward to checking out your movie...and if you do a screening in LA, let me know--I will buy tickets!!! Angela

Angela Landis

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your thoughts have been very helpful! A

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