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Geoff Hall

Cinema is in Trouble - says Sam Mendes

There y' go, if Sam says it, it must be true!


"No one has gone to see them! Cinema is clearly in trouble. And the smaller movies? People are feeling, well, we can stay at home and see that on our streaming service in three or four weeks' time, or even straight away, in the case of a Netflix movie, or a movie for Apple."

Are the theatres greedy? Do people just wait for a film to be streamed and watch it at home? Is this just the economic sign of the times? People are cash strapped and going to the cinema is expensive and the prices on the concession stands are dreadfully inflated.

I was waiting with interest to see Brendan Fraser in The Whale and I couldn't find a cinema that was showing it near my home. I love A24's verve and ethos, but I thought there was just something missing from their release strategy for this one.


Sam Mendes says "Cinema is in Trouble," Adding Nobody Went to See His New Movie - World of Reel
Sam Mendes says "Cinema is in Trouble," Adding Nobody Went to See His New Movie - World of Reel
It's no secret that a majority of this season's "prestige" arthouse titles failed to make a dent at the box-office. I won't repeat all of the titles there had miserable runs in theaters, but take note…
Sam Mannetti

I think traditional cinema going needs to change. I think we'll see theaters evolve and potentially revert back to being owned by the studios. Imagine Disney having their own chain which combine with their Disney stores and are basically "mini-theme parks"

Shellie Schmals

Regional film fests are missing from this conversation. You can't discount the audience building and grassroots marketing that happens because of reg film fests. Nowadays, the streamers are limiting fest access and films are getting lost online.

Sam Mannetti - I would LOVE that Disney Theatre experience!

Shadow Dragu-Mihai, Esq

hold on... Sam Mendes just noticed this??? Perhaps it's not just cinema that is in trouble...

Debbie Elicksen

The smaller films, yes, not a lot of people seem to go -- although, I pick my spot on a weekday afternoon when I get most of the theater to myself, even for a blockbuster, because I wait two weeks after it came out. I think Cineplex is trying out many things and throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. I love the aspect of using it as a pay-per-view streaming platform, too. Perhaps that makes it possible to keep the theaters open.

Geoff Hall

Shadow Dragu-Mihai, Esq Haha. LMAO! Yes, I think he's taken it personally because Empire of Light isn't getting box-office traction.

Geoff Hall

Sam Mannetti Disney. Yes I can see the connection there, but if you're not Disney, what would the other studios have to offer by way of 'theme park-esque' experiences?

Geoff Hall

Debbie Elicksen you see, if I did that Vue Cinema would say, "Oh, sorry. We pulled it, as no one was coming to see it."

Sam Mannetti

Any type of experiences really. Netflix does event pop ups based around their content. NBC/Universal has universal studios. Amazon and Apple already have their stores they could add on to, etc.

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