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Mio Hu

Distributors for short films

Hi there, I saw that netflix has the homemade series for short films were done during lockdown. I would like to know anyone knows a distributor for this or short film distributors in general? Thanks

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Mio Hu! Do you have a link for the homemade series? I've not heard of it.

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Mio Hu Some people might tell you there is no market for short content, but those people are several years out of touch. Quibi for instance, a mainstream platform, is looking for short content, and Amazon has a booming short content catalog; and a great many up-and-coming platforms are following suit. Don't forget that YouTube has made it's billions on short content. That said, most distribution companies are also behind-the-times and still look mainly for feature length product, even though the economics of that has been evolving over the last few years and has really changed in the last few months. Netflix, however, does not really talk to anyone other than their very few guarded contacts, and they cut off Distribber and Tag last year (leading to their bankruptcies as they were, essentially, only selling to Neflix). So the good news is yes, there is a growing market for good short content, the bad news is that, like most indie filmmakers, you are going to have to take control of marketing and distribution yourself.

Mio Hu

Shadow Dragu-Mihai I totally agree with you, also I saw there are short films in netflix,thats why I wonder how to get on there.I did check distribber before i made this post,but their website is down. so maybe I have to find a way to contact them directly? I uploaded my stufff on Amazon myself.Thanks for the info

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

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Erik A. Jacobson

Mio ~ Distribbr has gone bankrupt.

Charles G. Masi

Yeah, I chased down Jason Brubaker/Distribber, about distribution for my latest project, and he didn't seem interested in distribution, anymore. Can't say I blame him.

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

Charles G. Masi Yeah, Distribber and Tag (and others) went down because essentially they were all dependent on Netflix - who started freezing out new North American content 2+ years ago.

Jerry Koedding

Hi Mio, we are a Singapore based company and starting to build up our sales agency arm right now. Normally the market for shorts is relatively small - if there is any at all. But if you have a solid film, with solid actors, maybe there is something we can do. If you are keen to talk more about us helping you with your distribution efforts, drop me a message or email at jerry@wave-films.com

Ewan Dunbar

There are some companies that specialise in short film distribution. Some are partnered with short film festivals. Another option is self promotion online.

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