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Karen Goldfarb

Do I need a lawyer to do a deal with a tv station?

Greetings, friends -- I have a f documentary ilm that may be of possible interest to HBO and PBS -- is it necessary to have a lawyer to do the deal with these stations? thanks so much...

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Just my opinion. Yup!

Pup Che


Elisabeth Meier

Of course!

Karen Goldfarb

Thanks guys -- just one more question to clarify -- is it appropriate for the lawyer to make the overture to them -- in terms of making the connection?

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

I would just sit down with the lawyer you want to work with and hash it out. Whatever is comfortable for both seems the most logical and professional approach.

Karen Goldfarb

Robin -- It would be to make an initial approach.....

Karen Goldfarb

Hey Robin .. in a perfect world -- I assume an agent would be the right person? But it's not a perfect world and I may have lawyer willing to help me. Unless you think I could do myself? I'm a newbie so please forgive the dumb questions -- license fee vs. revenue sharing -- can you explain a bit about that? Best, Karen

Karen Goldfarb

Phew -- Robin -- thanks for taking the time to coach this newbie.. It's all very daunting -- but I do believe in miracles -- I know that sounds weird but I have often started at the top of the food chain in other areas with no experience -- I will definitely keep in mind all this great advice you have given me..;)

Sam Borowski

Karen there are film reps that make these types of initial approaches - they specialize in it. I've had a few in my time. Also, you wouldn't need a lawyer to make the initial approach, regardless if you sign with a film rep or go it on your own, however, you will need an entertainment attorney when it comes time to sign paperwork - ie contracts. If you need a great one, I have one out there in L.A. (mine) that's one of the best. So, just let me know ...

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