Distribution : Docuseries - one episode or a full series? by Rob Caprilozzi

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Rob Caprilozzi

Docuseries - one episode or a full series?

Hi all, I have a question and was hoping to get some input.

I have an idea for a docuseries which I plan on filming as soon as Covid (hopefully) breaks. I would like to eventually shop the series to Animal Planet or a similar channel.

My question is, would it be best to film the entire series (which would possibly be 10 episodes) and then shop it around as a complete season, or.. just shoot enough to create and put together a pilot episode and try to shop it that way.

If anyone has any experience or info on that I would really appreciate it.

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

1. Get over "covid" it may not "go away" At least here in L.A. film industry is designated an essential service. Go non-union and follow reasonable guidelines. 2. Decide right now if you want to sell your project to a network or other producer or if you want to be the producer. If you want to be the producer, then get it shot and get it distributed, either to the networks or to a streaming service (like Facet.tv). If you want the sell the concept, then create pitch packages and pitch those and understand that the system is structured to usually cut you out of the equation at some point, with some cash. If you would like to discuss further, DM me here or contact me through my website at shadowmihai.com

Also, I would like to invite you to the next Forum One this Monday at 4pm Pacific - free to attend, go to https://ondemand.global/forum-01 - we will be discussing direct-to-audience strategies for independent filmmakers.

Karen "Kay" Ross

If you have a pitch deck, I would recommend talking with Phil Claroni who specializes in just such unscripted/reality shows: https://www.stage32.com/scriptservices/coverage/buy?id=60&genre=docu-ser...

Rob Caprilozzi

Hi Karen. I don't have a pitch deck, but I have an idea and about 5 questions I would like to ask Phil. Does he have/is it possible to do that on a $50 session? I've seen some of the on demand things at that price.

Cherelynn Baker

Personal opinion: great pitch deck and 1 really good sample reel for sales tool

More personal opinion: no to investing tens of thousands of dollars on a full series to try and sell because if it sells (ahem) - when it sells, the buyer will use own team to produce the broadcast version. #2cents

Marina Warsama

Hi Rob I work in documentaries, I think a good 5 to 10 mins of concept better. Do you have footage if the Animals/key story drivers & cast? Taster is better.

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