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Denise Channing

E&O insurance

Can any UK people recommend a decent company for E&O insurance? I'm exhausting myself searching round companies who give me forms that seem general and directed more at general liability.

Regina Lee

Hi Denise, this is certainly not my area of expertise. I'd suggest cross-referencing. For example, go to IMDb and find the name of a UK movie you respect. Look up who provided their insurance. Contact that insurance company. Ask if they provide only E&O. For example: http://www.imdb.com/company/co0042638/?ref_=fn_al_co_1

Vasco Phillip de Sousa

I was looking for a new insurance company/broker, or updating our current broker, as our business model is changing. Errors and Omission (E & O) seems to come under "professional indemnity" in the UK. That's what our clients / potential clients ask for. Professional indemnity covers different things. (Oh, and many times insurance companies are not credited in IMDB.)

Denise Channing

I did find a company that could give me a reasonable quote and fit the parameters I needed. Just have to put the finance in place now. Several did try to sell me professional indemnity which was totally inappropriate, as production finished in 2008 and what it covers is basically against accidents during production.

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